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Clip of Russian band ‘Leningrad’ gathered 50 million views and nearly every adult in Russia in the course of the story.

Why song about the louboutin shoes is so popular?

I think, we identify with the heroine, Cinderella. In our reality, where social lifts is almost absent, one of the main myths - a fairy tale about Cinderella. Russian Cinderella understands the motives of the heroine and try on this situation herself. At the same time the image of "Cinderella" ironically served. This helps to improve self-esteem due to the step that follows after the identification, - separating themselves from the screen image (she is - stupid, but with me it will not happen).

In the song, the author mocks the false values ​​of a primitive ideology of consumption of those who want to be as "at louboutins". The exhibit is based on a technique known yet by Hodja Nasreddin: Dodger himself comes across on his cunning. We find it hard to be truthful: Random wish we accept as true needs. And in the video, we safely laugh at our fears and lies.

To understand the message of this song you even don’t need to know Russian language, just enough to see the clip.
Waiting for your impressions, friends!

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