As often performing any of the routine work, you enjoy it? I bet not often or ever. But think about it - this daily routine is a big part of your life. It could be washing dishes or going to the grocery store. Every day you're doing all these things automatically, just because it is necessary. And it turns out that these precious moments of your life, which are no longer return, you're wasting. You just produce mechanical motion with own hands, simultaneously watching the series or just thinking about nothing. What if you felt happy, interested and motivated in those moments? How about this? Let's try.⠀
So) you get up in the morning and are going to work. It's cold outside, the apartment is dark and your mood close to zero. What to do to turn the tide? Nothing special-just start enjoying the process, that's all. You hear the alarm clock, and that means it's time to get up? All right, stretch out in bed, stretch your body before you get up. Smile and think about how, that for you begins a new conscious day on this planet. I'm serious, there won't be another day like this. Is yesterday and will be tomorrow, but today-is unique. And it depends only on you what it will be today. In the bathroom, enjoy the temperature of the water, its soothing noise, fresh toothpaste and its reflection in the mirror. These are little things that we do not notice, but they set the right beginning of the day.
Now try to get pleasure from the way you make some sandwiches and brewed coffee in the morning. It has a wonderful smell and no less wonderful taste. And you have the opportunity to sit down at the table with a cup of coffee and twenty minutes to watch the passers-by outside the window, to think about your own, to relax completely. There are people who do not have such an opportunity. You have one. And it is right now, at this moment in time. Isn't that happiness?
Start right now, and you will see how your days of gray and monotonous turn into bright and full of life. Being happy is easy. The main thing is to take matters into your own hands.

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