There are some women you look at and you want to say "Wow." Such a woman stands out from the crowd. Men look at her with undisguised adoration, women with envy. She shines like a precious necklace around the Queen's neck. Although, no, not like that.
She is Queen And it's not a beautiful make-up and high heels, as advised by some "experts". It's about inner beauty. Here her 5 secrets:
Posture. As there was, in "Office novel" chest forward, shoulders back, stomach pulled, shoulders straightened and went, from the hip. That's right. You can not even imagine how much posture affects how others perceive you. Once you straighten your shoulders and neck up-all you-Queen! It's amazing naturalness. Don't try to be like someone else. Don't wear skinny jeans just because it's so fashionable. Don't put red lipstick on your lips if it doesn't suit you. The main thing is just to be yourself. To laugh at what is funny only to you, to cry for what upsets you. Be bright, cheerful, sad, incendiary, desperate, daring, spontaneous whatever, if only it were your and only your natural manifestations.

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