Working in sales for a year I start thinking why do some get along well with client and close the deal, while others do not? What is the secret?

The answer is so easy - comfort.
In a state of comfort people are relaxed and enjoy communicating with you and purchase your goods or services easily.⠀ Therefore, those who can create psychological comfort always achieve more.⠀

Comfortable communication is the ability to be" on the same wavelength with the interlocutor, to interest him.⠀

Have you noticed that with some people we feel calm, comfortable, want as much time as possible to be close, and with others it is impossible to spend even 5 minutes?⠀ For me the psychological comfort is when I can talk with someone about everything, when I can just be quiet, when you don't think what can be said and what is not.⠀ I often meet interesting interlocutors, but unfortunately, those with whom I am really comfortable, not so much...⠀

Why is this happening?⠀

We are comfortable when we are calm.⠀

Remember conversations with fellow travelers? During the trip you get closer and tell each other the details of your life.⠀
This isbecause, most likely, you see each other for the last time and you can say anything it will never be used against you. You are calm for to share intimate information and open to each other.⠀

"sixth Sense"⠀
We understand that a person can be trusted.⠀ When what a person says and what we "read" by gestures, eyes, facial expressions coincide, is positive for us and does not cause internal resistance, then this feeling of comfort arises.⠀ Have you had times when you felt sympathy for the person you just met?
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