Many of us know how much useless to search for prince on a white horse.
Chances you will meet a perfect man close to zero, but there are menwith potential and without.⠀
And so you do not waste time in vain, I have identified the main parameters that distinguish a man with potential:⠀

1️. Energy.⠀
How male burning with his work, his goals.
The higher the energy level of a man, the more success he can achieve in life.⠀

2. Responsibility.⠀
A man with potential will be ready to take responsibility for himself and others. He is able to admit his mistakes and correct them.⠀

3️. Ambitions.
Such a man has his own aspirations and desires. And not afraid to set big goals.⠀

4. Confidence⠀
See how he estimate himself and his abilities. And how he is subject to public influence⠀

5️. Optimism⠀
It is difficult to be a successful person if you see only negative around.⠀

Just pay attention to these points, so you will save yourself from the wrong men.⠀

And what other factors seem important to you?
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