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911 emergency A&A

February: Task 1 Miss Dukascopy 2017
Dear friends! I want to invite you to test the game 911 with me. This is wonderful game of questions and answers, sometimes very fun.

Here is tutorial how you can play it:

1. Make sure you are using latest version of Dukascopy connect application (or download it from AppStore, Play Market).

2. You need to log in to the application with your phone number. Here what you will see when press 911 section. To ask your question, press 911 number at the top, next to the people icon.

3. You can ask as much questions as you want per day. As soon as you will get 5 answers to your question it will disappear from question poll. If you got a great answer to one of your questions, you can mark it as:' Thank you! I'm fully satisfied'. This way you can mark only 1 answer out of 5 and only 3 times per day (next day you will have another 3) you can do it for free. If you want to mark more answers as 'satisfied' you need to pay from Payments system.

4. If someone mark your answer as 'satisfied' you will get 1 CHF from Dukascopy bank on your purse in Payments system (if you want to receive your money, should register there). Maximum amount you can earn per day is 3 CHF (in case if 3 different people satisfied with your answer), per month 90 CHF.
For example:

5. You can check your activity from here.

Poll of questions is here.

And here are only ur question. Press on already answering (blue letters) to read the answers.

Hope to see you in 911 soon If you have any questions on how it works, don't hesitate to write me!

P.S. Screens with shares in comments
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Ykk avatar 3 Feb.
Круто, доходчивая информация! Спасибо.
arjaq avatar 3 Feb.
Cremelady avatar 4 Feb.
я сейчас попробую!
VAIBS1991 avatar 5 Feb.
it seems quite useful
kostakis avatar 6 Feb.
Great article.