Dear friends! First of all, decide what image you want to use, male or female. And maybe the one and the other? Then scroll through the magazine and get picture which you like the most. It is necessary to choose the head for your future fashion look

I decided to create a dress.

Cut the required part, put it on a clean sheet of paper which suits chosen part (A4 or A5).

Glue the item on the list. Use a pencil and draw the general outlines of the future silhouette of the dress. In the process of drawing something you can change your mind and easily break conceived boundaries. It's ok.

I drew with black liner 0.4 and fill space with crayons. It is more convenient and faster.

Note that the cutted piece is better somehow "connect" with pattern you draw (I eventually decided to use filter and make whole composition pattern black and white, but you can see sketch as it is at the video).

That is so easy and simple, you can create unusual images using a duet of zentangl and collage.

You can tell any fashion story using the considered technique.

I wish you irrepressible experimentation and active creativity!

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