Today the 14th of December is a national monkey day! I have remembered the monkeys I saw while visiting the highest waterfall in Morocco a couple of weeks ago. In certain areas higher in the mountains, there are loads of monkeys running around freely. When we stopped for lunch in the restaurant one of them came to our table and was watching us eating, perhaps planning how to steal something. We fed her with some bread and she happily ate that from our hands without any fear, but we were warned to pay attention and be very careful and keep our stuff in such a way it would not be able to steal it. The restaurant owners seemed so used to them, just like we are to some cats or dogs running free on our streets. Later after we were finished with lunch, the tour guide took as up the mountain to see the waterfall from higher above and of course to see a bunch of monkeys running around and fearlessly jumping on people's shoulders. One of them jumped on my newly made Venezuelan friend's shoulder who did not even notice how her earring got stolen, for her it just felt like something dropped. The monkey took it, climbed up in the tree and started eating it, by the time the tour guide managed to take it away, the earring was irreparably damaged, half eaten with studs missing. They seem such cute and adorable animals, but you have to be very careful with them!

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