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Waiting for the evening

Miss Dukascopy 2016
Dear friends!
Outside, frosty and sunny, but I don't want to go out to work. Today I would prefer to stay at home, in warm. This evening, after work I want tofinish this embroidery with company of "Westworld" series. Who has not watched I recommend it (especially likely to appeal to fans of science fiction)! Time will not be wasted. That only is the cast (Hopkins, Harris, Wright) and music (composer Games of Thrones, of Radiohead, Amy Winehouse and others in and performance of mechanical piano), and of course the idea of ​​"person can be modeled on the tablet, and fact that we are no different from machines. So waiting for the evening impatiently.

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al_dcdemo avatar 15 Dec.
Interesting movie!
wisdom_consultant avatar 15 Dec.
al_dcdemo  u also watching it?
MrSami avatar 15 Dec.
this winter is very cold.
arjaq avatar 15 Dec.
Always good to stay home when it is cold. Especially for someone who likes tropical plants like myself...
anna_n avatar 16 Dec.