Technical Analysis results, February 2016

Technical Analysis Posted 03 Feb. 2016

Hello traders!

We have just published December 2015 Technical Analysis results. Please visit the results page to see who won. 

Prize funds will be credited to you till the end of the week.

DFC Team

October - December 2015 Extreme Contest results are announced!

Extreme Posted 14 Jan. 2016

Dear Community members


We are glad to announce the resuls of the October - December 2015 Extreme Contest


And the Winners are:

2500$ raposo2
2000$ ImranMughal99
1500$ ExtremePilot


Signal Provider Grand Prix results for December 2015

Signal Provider Posted 13 Jan. 2016


cocciolla from Italy who became a Trader of the Year in the second quarter of 2015 won the title again in December 2015. This time his cumulative profit was even higher than in April-June 2015 (1.435M USD vs 1.258M USD). Congratulations!

November’s Grand Prix winner mohsen223 finished in the third place in December. mano930, showshow and 112233 are the traders who occupied the rest 3 prize places.

Having taken the first place in the 6-month nomination in September, mano930 continues to hold leading position. StevenSeagal, Gaspis, SikandarAzam and mohsen223 are the closest competitors who finished in the places from second to fifth.

We congratulate the winning traders with their victory and wish all the participants a green month.


Community team

Technical Analysis results, January 2016

Technical Analysis Posted 13 Jan. 2016

Hello traders!!!

We have just published November 2015 Technical Analysis results. Please visit the results page to see who won.
Prize funds will be credited to you till the end of the week.

DFC Team

Strategy Contest December results

Strategy Posted 11 Jan. 2016

Congratulations to the Winners of December Stratgy Contest!  

1 MinhTam
4 Schaolin
5 aumaima
6 TradingwithEA
7 yazidben92
8 past92
9 miguelmatos
10 mosu_d
11 gctrad
12 rois_ryders
13 BilboFX
14 ZaraMarian
15 rokasltu

Good luck to all Participants.

DFC Team.

Trader Contest results for December are announced

Trader Posted 08 Jan. 2016

Hi traders,

The last month of 2015 has come to an end and the results are as follows.

It was discovered that user mano930 decided to cheat and gain some points in Order’s quality nominations at the very last day of the month. That helped her overcome user lotiti and finish in the second position. However, such activity will be discovered and leads to only one possible outcome – disqualification from the current month. The next attempt will result in a permanent ban from Community.

It is sad to say but 2 more participants (amk234 and DillTraderUA) were excluded from the final version of the ranking due to lack of the conducted trades (less than 10).

But now, let us move to the positive part of the news and congratulate one of the old-timers of Community AdamFx42 with the first place he took in December! 272 points gained helped him to take winning position in the Trader contest for the first time since April 2013.

Two other positions are also occupied by Community veterans. lotiti who showed the best performance in December and gained 683K USD in profit has been lifted one rank up and finished in the second place.

peterisp for whom it was 44th month of participation in the contest ended the competition in the third place.

Congratulations – and we are looking forward to seeing your webinars conducted on our TV.

The prizes for the remaining 25 winners have already been credited except mandalafxbz who still has not confirmed his phone number in profile. The prize for SerJunior is also suspended due to fake names in his profile.

Wish you all the best in January!

Community team

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