Social Trading Contest results for October.

Social Trading Posted 21 Nov 2014

Hi traders,

DumbAsArock is a winner of October Social trading contest. He gained 242.8K USD by copying 78 trades and won 500 USD prize. Congratulations to all winners!

Community team

Miss Dukascopy 2014 decided

Miss Dukascopy 2015 Posted 21 Nov 2014

Tastes do differ, especially when it comes to beauty contests. In the Miss Dukascopy contest, not only looks, but also intelligence and knowledge get rated. Girls from all around the world have competed for the Miss Dukascopy 2014 title!

The final vote took place yesterday. Miss Dukascopy 2014 was decided - a participant from Ukraine, Maria_R. In the final race she overtook Isahanova, Olga18375, VictoriaVika, HelgaPehkel, Elani, ANABEVZ, peachynicnic, tania007, and Alexana5.

The vote took place at the Geneva Forex Event, and went on for 2 hours. The nominees were rated by the guests presented with albums containing participants' photos and bios.

The Dukascopy team congratulates Maria and all the girls, who worked so hard throughout this year! We remind you that the contest continues, and in December Miss Community and Miss Blogger will be decided. Good luck, girls!

Miss Dukascopy Top 10 is out!

Miss Dukascopy 2015 Posted 19 Nov 2014

Dear all,

we have made public the rating of Miss Dukascopy 2014. The Final Voting will take place on Thursday, November 20th. You will be able to watch it LIVE, take part in the discussions and see for yourself who wins this race on our special Finale Broadcasting page. 

Our congratulations to the Top 10:

  1. Elani
  2. HelgaPehkel
  3. Maria_r
  4. Olga18375
  5. peachinicnic
  6. VictoriaVika
  8. Isahanova
  9. Alexana5
  10. Tania007

See you all tomorrow starting with 18:30 GMT! And don't forget, the battle for the nominations Miss Blogger & Miss Community is still in progress.

Strategy Contest October results

Strategy Posted 17 Nov 2014

Greetings, Contestants and Audience. 

October Strategy Contest is evaluated and closed. Congratulations to Winners! 


1 aranybanya

2 sibga

3 popopo

4 P3tr4

5 Maksim_Chelnokov

6 sukeshroy

7 pawansansanwal

8 Panzer

9 boberle

10 igazsagoszto


Good luck to all Participants.

DFC Team.

Ask questions, get answers

Social Trading Posted 13 Nov 2014



Daytrader21 asked the right question why your figures visible in the Social trading contest ranking table sometimes may differ from the ones you can find in your Portfolio statement report. We do recommend reading it as well as our comments.

In case you have any questions please send it to



Community support team

Trader Contest results for October are announced

Trader Posted 11 Nov 2014

Hi traders,

the 47th month of Trader Contest has ended and we are ready to announce the winners for October.
The first place (as well as the “Trader of the month” title) was taken by only_number_one from Moldova. He has ended the month with the 1 million USD equity which brought him 200 points out of 254 scored.
Bimlesh from India showed fourth result in Performance nomination and took the second place. He was also popular amongst LIVE signal copiers who copied 0.9 million USD of traded volume.
The third place goes to Airmike from Slovakia – the biggest critic of Trader contest rules ever. Despite his criticism of LIVE Subscribers nomination, he finished first in it with 5.6 million of copied trading volume.
Congratulations and we are waiting for your webinars!
Angkchun will not find himself among the winners because he was removed from October winners list due to lack of conducted trades during the contest month. In September there were 3 such users.
That is all for now! Wish you all the best in the current month.

Community team

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