May results of Strategy Contest

Strategy Posted 21 June 2016
Congratulations to the Winners of May Strategy Contest!

1 LinnuxFX
2 Decebal
3 Daniele
4 anderspirlo
5 AforAyushs
6 maske
7 SFXbernhard
8 pipx
9 Drift
10 DominguezV
12 babonasfx
13 Taxista
14 Bluedragon

Good luck to all Participants.
DFC Team.

Article Contest results for May are announced.

FX Article Contest Posted 07 June 2016
We have just published the results. Please visit the results page to see who won and read the end-note.

Trader Contest results for May 2016 are announced.

Trader Posted 03 June 2016
Hi traders,
Bokata from Bulgaria, who managed to earn 1,019.75k USD, has finished in the first place. He joined Community in June 2011 and has already won 3,150 USD participating in our contests. User ImranMughal99 from Pakistan took the second position with 498.41k USD in profit. He has been trading with us since June 2012, and has already won remarkable amount of 19,950 USD participating in our contests. Aeappk53 from Estonia again has finished on the third place. Congratulations to the top-3 winners as well as the other finalists!
In addition, we have found suspicious behavior of Senada1976 and STARLINE participants (trading from the same device, similar positions). As a result, they were disqualified and excluded from the final ranking.
The prizes for the winners have already been credited, except for user abikhan due to unconfirmed phone number.
All the best for everyone in June 2016!
Community team

Signal Provider results for May 2016

Signal Provider Posted 03 June 2016
Hi traders,
cocciolla still holds the first position in the 12-month nomination of Signal Provider Grand Prix contest in May 2016 nevertheless his cumulative profit again has been decreased in the previous months and now is 1.532m USD. The second place goes to mano930, who managed to earn 1.188m USD of profit in the last 12-month period even without active trading in the previous two months. Again, snowshow has taken the third position with the result of 1.096m USD. Participant vania1234 and Boris closed top-5 signal providers with result of 1.011m USD and 0.797m USD respectively.
6-month nominations of Signal Provider winner list are the following: vania1234 - first place with 1.073m USD, AdamFx42 – second place with 0.986m USD, Aeappk53 – third place with 0.933m USD, Iigri – fourth place with 0.765m USD, srinatha – fifth place with 0.644m USD.
All the best for everyone in June 2016!
Community team

Social Trading Contest results for May

Social Trading Posted 02 June 2016

Even though Zildjian from Moldova was penalized for lack of signal providers’ subscriptions, his corrected signal PnL (881.4K USD) was enough to remain in first position.

from United Kingdom subscribed to more than 10 signal providers and thus avoided penalties and finished on the second position with 740.3K USD in profit. On the other hand, datrhe from Costa Rica, who finished the month on third place, copied signals only from 5 signal providers and thus penalties were applied for him. As a result, sibga from Pakistan outran datrhe and took the third place.

Congratulations to all 20 May winners. The prizes have already been credited and are waiting to be transferred to your LIVE prize accounts.

All the best in June!

Community team

Binary Contest results for June 2016

Binary Posted 01 June 2016
Hi traders,
from Egypt who managed to earn 58,836 USD of profit has finished in the first place. He joined Community in March 2016, and this is the first prize he has won participating in our contests. Congratulations to him as well as the other finalists!
The prizes for the winners have already been credited, except for sobi20, due to lack of required information in his profile (confirmed phone number).
Community team
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