Trader Contest results for April 2016 are announced

Trader Posted 05 May 2016
Hi traders,

April is over, and here are the results of this race:
yellownight from Belarus, who managed to earn 271 points, has finished in the first place. He joined Community in September 2012 and has already won 13,150 USD participating in our contests. User Zoltan from United Kingdom took the second position with 252 points. He has been trading with us since March 2012, and this is his first community prize. And finally Aeappk53 from Estonia has finished on the third place. Congratulations to the top-3 winners as well as the other finalists!

While checking preliminary April rankings we found participant ranniere who did not conduct the 10 required trades during the contest month and therefore was not included in the final standings

The prizes for the winners have already been credited, except for user Eon due to unconfirmed phone number.

All the best for everyone in May 2016!

Community team

Technical Analysis results, May 2016

Technical Analysis Posted 04 May 2016

We have just published March/May 2016 Technical Analysis results.

Contest prizes will be awarded to your finance section till 6th of May.

Thank you for your efforts and good luck in the following competition.

DFC Team

Social Trading Contest results for April

Social Trading Posted 03 May 2016


mohsen223 has won the April Social trading contest with 409K USD of copied profit. We congratulate him with the first prize won in this contest and wish him as well as the other 19 winners good luck and all the best in May.

The prizes have already been credited for all April winners and are waiting for you on the “My finance” page. Please check it.

Community team

Binary Contest results

Binary Posted 03 May 2016

Hi traders,

Klinch from Philippines who managed to earn 48,563 USD of profit has finished in the first place. He joined Community in March 2014, and this is the ninth prize he has won participating in our contests. Congratulations to him as well as the other finalists! 

The prizes for all winners have already been credited!

At the same time, we have found unfair play in binary contest this month performed by participants 777DRAKON777 and IGNIL (command tactics). They were disqualified and excluded from the final ranking. In case of continuation of such performance, we will need to disqualify these users from participating in Dukascopy community. 


Community team

Daily Stock Options results for April 2016

Daily Stock options Posted 03 May 2016

Hi traders,

Koryphaeen has managed to earn 80,000 USD of profit in April 2016, finishing in the first place. He joined Community in August 2015, and has already won 9,275 USD of Dukascopy community prizes. Congratulations!

The prizes for all winners have already been credited.

All the best for everyone in April 2016! 


Community team

Changes in Popularity rating

Miss Dukascopy 2016 Posted 03 May 2016

From now on we implement some changes to the Popularity scoring section. Your blog and photo comments will not be counted anymore. Your Popularity rating will be estimated only by the number of likes and fans (male friends).

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