Daily Stock Options results for July 2016

Daily Stock options Posted 4 Aug.
Hi traders,
Fault has managed to earn 38,326 USD of profit in July, finishing in the first place. He joined Community in December 2013, and has already won 6,000 USD of Dukascopy community prizes. Congratulations!
The prizes for all winners have already been credited.
Also we would like to remind you that registration of persons that are directly or indirectly related to other Participant is unfair conduct and will be treated accordingly.
All the best for everyone in August 2016!
Community team

Binary Contest results for July 2016

Binary Posted 3 Aug.
Hi traders,
user nhamfx16 from Vietnam who managed to earn 44,456 USD of profit has finished in the first place this month. This is the first prize he has won participating in Binary contest. Congratulations to him as well as the other finalists!
The prizes for the winners have already been credited!
At the same time, we have found unfair play in binary contest this month performed by participants Taxista, Sux87, Lilkica1, Student_21, ExtremePilot, Senada1976, Panzer (team tactics that include consolidation of Participants into a group with a purpose to get a statistical advantage on one of the accounts). They were excluded from the final ranking of July contest and disqualified from August contest for continuation of such performance.
Also we would like to remind you that registration of persons that are directly or indirectly related to other Participant is unfair conduct and will be treated accordingly.
Community team

2Q 2016 Extreme Contest results are announced!

Extreme Posted 1 Aug.
We are pround to announce the winners of the 2016'2Q Extreme Contest!

2500$ GammaBurst - Watch Extreme post!
2000$ ivanbgd - Watch Extreme post!
1500$ wisdom_consultant - Watch Extreme post!

Geneva Fashion Award & Model Contest 2016

Posted 29 July
We are happy to share with you the results and the photos of the 2nd Edition of the Geneva Fashion Award and Model Contest 2016. Enjoy and share in your network! We will soon be open to receive applications for next year 2017.
Stay tuned!

Geneva Fashion Award results

Posted 22 July
Geneva Fashion Award results are in:
1st place - Joelle Flora
2d place - Natali Leskova
3d place - HSA Geneva Design

Congratulations to Joelle Flora for winning the Geneva Fashion Award 2016, with the highest compliments to all the finalists for their fantastic work. You realized 3 real amazing shows and we are very proud of you. The Geneva Fashion Award night was full of remarkable emotions, outstanding performances, reflecting the creativity, the skillfulness and the refined endeavor of the young fashion generation.

Joelle Flora is the favorite among the Geneva Forex Event guests. Natali Leskova is the favorite and got the majority of votes on social media. Congratulations to both of you!
Community team

Social Trading Contest results for June

Social Trading Posted 22 July
Hi traders,

Congratulations to the winner of June Social trading contest: md1fk1from India. He ended the month with 470.5K USD in profit, having copied 1261 trades from 11 providers. This is the first time he took the first position and his second winning place in this contest.

from Ukraine finished in the second position and won 800 USD while Fatty from India won 600 USD having taken the third place.

We also congratulate the other 17 winners and kindly ask them as well as top-3 winners to check their prizes by visiting “My finance” page.

Community team

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