Valentine’s Day Top Tips

Posted 11 Feb.

Valentine's Day is coming!
Explore its impact on business on Dukascopy TV with Mairead Molloy, Founder and Client Director of Berkeley International.

Signal Provider Grand Prix results for January 2016

Signal Provider Posted 11 Feb.

Hi traders,

December’s Trader of the year cocciolla from Italy again managed to hold the first position in 12-month nomination of Signal Provider Grand Prix contest in January. Even though he lost 96K USD in January’s Trader contest, his cumulative yearly profit still remains high (1,438M USD) and helped him defend his title in January. Congratulations! mano930, mohsen223, flashroyal and 112233 are the other traders who finished in top-5.

mohsen223 from Egypt who finished third in 12-month nomination is the winner of 6-month nomination (August 2015 – January 2016) with 785K USD of cumulative profit. Koryphaeen, lotiti, StevenSeagal and MyLifeDeBaf are contestants who finished in the places from second to fifth.

We congratulate the 10 winners of the contest and wish you all the best in the current month.

Community team

Trader Contest results for January are announced

Trader Posted 11 Feb.

Hi traders,

iggy_ua from Ukraine has finished in the first place in January with 929.6K USD in profit. This is the first won prize for him as well as for Ayman6 from Egypt who took the second position with 785.8K USD in profit. massimoscalas from Italy managed to finish third with 423.9K USD. Congratulations to January top-3 winners as well as for other 27 finalists.

While checking preliminary January rankings we found 2 participants (pine75 and sukeshroy) who did not conduct the 10 required trades during the contest month and therefore were not included in the final standings. Dear participants, please read the Rules carefully in order not to be disappointed by our final decision.

Very similar PnL charts of two participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina (Taxista and Nerka) also brought our attention. After the investigation we took the decision to disqualify Nerka for a lot of similar trades with Taxista conducted from one IP. We do not forbid sharing trading experience with each other but such practices as simultaneous trading on different accounts are not acceptable.

Valday74, ososelgin and chase_wind who finished on 31-33 places were lifted 3 places up and got 200 USD prize each. Prizes for Nooooooooooor and Julliana are suspended due to unconfirmed phone numbers.

In addition we inform you that starting from today Trader’s blog points’ assignment procedure will become more severe. Points will be awarded only for those authors who write the posts themselves. Sharing news and articles from other sites is not forbidden but such posts should also be accompanied by your comments. The decision whether to assign a point for the post or not will be taken by the moderator after reviewing the post.

Wish you all the best in February!

Community team

Social Trading Contest results for December and January

Social Trading Posted 11 Feb.


Please welcome the winners of both December and January Social trading contests!

The winner of December is CLACCD from Spain who managed to copy 344.8K USD in profit from 75 signal providers. This is the first time he comes first in the contest and we congratulate him on this achievement.

mrlfx from India ended January Social trading contest on the very top of the ranking with 334.8K USD in profit. mrlfx is an experienced participant, and this is the seventh prize he has won in the contest. Congratulations and best wishes in the upcoming contest months!

The prizes are credited to almost all finalists except fxstarforex for whom the prize was suspended due to unconfirmed phone number and fake name in profile.

One more time we want to express our congratulations to all the finalists of December and January and a big thanks to all participants for your interest in Community!

Community team

Binary Contest results for January 2016

Binary Posted 10 Feb.

Hi traders,


memoona has managed to earn 58,932 USD of profit in January 2016, finishing in the first place. She joined Community in August 2015 and this is the first prize she has won. Congratulations!

The prizes for all winners have already been credited.

That is all for now. All the best in February 2016! 



Community team

Daily Stock Options results for January 2016

Daily Stock options Posted 10 Feb.

Hi traders,

Halim has managed to earn 40 000 USD of profit in January 2016, finishing in the first place. He joined Community in September 2015, and this is the second prize he has won. Congratulations!

The prizes for all winners have already been credited. All the best for everyone in February 2016! 


Community team


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