Signal Provider Grand Prix results for Apr-Jun 2015

Signal Provider Posted 07 July 2015

Hi traders,

cocciolla from Italy has ended the June with almost one million USD in profit in the Trader contest,  but due to the lack of points in other nominations he took only the eighth place. However, his cumulative profit in both the 6 and 12-month nominations appeared to be the biggest among all Signal Provider Grand Prix participants and brought him 9,000 USD of prizes in total. Congratulations!

Mani from Pakistan who finished second in the 12-month nomination in the previous quarter was trying to rise her cumulative PnL during the second quarter but the gotten result was not enough to beat cocciolla and she took second place in the 12-month nomination again. She also finished third in the 6-month nomination with 1,020K of profit.

mucha89 from Poland finished third in the 12-month nomination and second in the 6-month nomination and thus won 3K USD in total.

We congratulate all the winners and wish all Trader contest participants good luck in the current month. As you may notice, certain changes have affected the Trader contest and Signal Provider Grand Prix contest.

Starting from July, the participants of the Signal Provider Grand Prix will be filtered by the average maximum drawdown during 6 or 12 last trading months. Prizes will only be available for traders whose average maximum drawdown does not exceed 60%. Along with these changes, there are also a few bonuses:

    Signal Provider contest changes from quarterly to monthly;

    The number of prize places changes from 6 per quarter to 10 per month;

    Yearly prize fund increases by 69% (from 62 to 105 thousand dollars).

We hope these changes will encourage traders to take less risk in the long-term and make contests more attractive.

For more information please click here.


Community team

Trader Contest results for June are announced

Trader Posted 06 July 2015

Hi traders,

The June Trader contest period has been checked and published. Check it out!

The first position was taken by INFINITEisTHElimit from France. This is the second time he becomes the Trader of the month and the third win in total. We congratulate him with this achievement!

only_number_one from Moldova finished in the second place three points behind the leader and snowshow from France finished in the third place.

Aleksandr29 was disqualified from the winners (12th place) due to multiple registrations in the contest month. Due to this fact other 8 participants were shifted 1 place up. Please remember the contest results for each month are thoroughly checked before being published so please avoid unfair behavior.

The prizes for Grizzly (7 place) and speculo_ergo_sum (18 place) are suspended since they didn’t confirm their phone numbers.

We also want to bring your attention to certain changes that were implemented in Trader contest. Starting from July, the total prize fund increases by 33.3% from 21k to 28k USD and the quantity of winners increase from 20 to 30. We also start filtering traders by their draw-down – the Trader contest leaders table will only show participants with less than 60% of maximum draw-down for the current month. Nevertheless, traders with higher draw-down can also claim prizes. For more information please click here.

That is all for now.

Community support team

Binary options contest results for June are announced

Binary Posted 06 July 2015

Hi traders,

amk234 from Iran ended June with 34.6K USD in profit and took the first place. He joined Community in August 2011, and this is the first prize he has won. Congratulations!

The prizes for the other 13 winners have already been credited. Meanwhile, vavav didn’t get her prize because she hasn't confirmed her phone number yet.

We also want to bring your attention to the changes in Binary options contest. Starting from July, the total prize fund increases by 33.3% from 7.5K to 10K USD.

That is all for now. All the best in July!

Community team

Daily Stock Options results for June are announced

Daily Stock options Posted 06 July 2015

Hi traders,

The first Daily Stock Options contest period which lasted for just half of a month has ended and we are ready to announce the winners.

SikmaN from Ukraine traded 13 options with the total volume of 61K USD and managed to gain 32.5K USD.  His prize is already credited to his as well as other 14 winners’ accounts! Congratulations!

You can find the full list of winners here.

Since the July contest period has started in accordance with the schedule, the prize fund for this month is 10,000 USD.

All the best in July!

Community team

April-June 2015 Extreme Contest results are published

Extreme Posted 03 July 2015

Our congratulations to Winners!

1st place 2000$ Dariia
2nd place 1500$ WallStreetBlog
3rd place 1000$ Margoshka


Summer is on the peak! Make funny and extreme videos, photos, notes! Share Your experience with Community and grab even higher prizes in new season!


Community team


Results for May Technical Analysis Contest are published

Technical Analysis Posted 01 July 2015

We have just published results for Technical Analysis Contest. Please visit the results page to see who won.

Please note that starting from July new prizes will be applied. Rules section was updated.

DFC Team

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