Dukascopy TV welcomes Andrey Makarevich in Geneva on November 2nd

Posted 21 Oct. 2015

Dukascopy TV welcomes Andrey Makarevich in Geneva on November 2nd
A truly Russian rock legend !!!

This iconic Russian rock star, singer and composer comes to Switzerland in November 2015 with a new program called "Your Five".

Andrey Makarevich is the founder and the long-time leader of the legendary Soviet/Russian rock band "Time Machine" ("Mashina Vremeni"). It is the most famous and the oldest still running Russian rock group which has performed since 1969.

The “Your Five” program team who are touring this fall in Sweden, Finland and Switzerland, is composed of Andrey Makarevich (guitar, vocal, music, lyrics), Evgeny Boretz (keyboards, arrangements), Sergey Hootas (double bass), David Tkebuchava (drums) and Timur Nekrasov (brass).

They will perform hits of "Mashina Vremeni" and some others from solo projects, written by Andrey Makarevich, as well as few jazz must-known.

Meet Andrey Makarevich and “Your Five” at the legendary Geneva's Alhambra concert hall, on November 2nd, 2015 and at the Zurich's Volkshaus on November 3rd at 8pm.


Selling points: Manor, La Poste, Balexert, Gare CFF, Globus, La Praille, Coop-City

Strategy Contest September results

Strategy Posted 21 Oct. 2015

Congratulations to the Winners of September Stratgy Contest! 
1    aranybanya
2    marss
3    fireman
4    savitak945
5    sudink
6    OneGoodTrade
7    Docdow
8    Nacerdz
9    sircris
10    SFXbernhard
11    LinnuxFX
12    MinhTam
13    flyhigh1234
14    stilberk
15    Heruar

Good luck to all Participants.

DFC Team.

Dukascopy announce the month of compliments!

Miss Dukascopy 2016 Posted 08 Oct. 2015

Your blogs are so interesting! You bring a really creative approach to solving the tasks! Your comments are so thoughtful! Your videos are just amazing! The Dukascopy team will pay you proper attention and encourage you with a compliment. Be active this month and you can boost your ratings! Remember, anything you do can earn you a compliment!

Binary Contest results

Binary Posted 07 Oct. 2015

Hi traders,


Nuki1981 has managed to earn 48.2K USD of profit in September, finishing in the first place. He joined Community in May 2015 and this is the third prize he has won. Congratulations!

The prizes for the winners have already been credited, except for kafeviya, due to lack of required information in his profile (confirmed phone number, etc).

That is all for now. All the best in October! 



Community team

Trader Contest results for September are announced

Trader Posted 07 Oct. 2015

Hi traders,

mano930 from Egypt who joined us in July has managed to finish first in September with the highest profit among the other 1046 participants (1.01M USD) and 286 points in total.

The second place goes to tradercillo from Spain who finished the month with third trading results (775K USD) and 258 points in total, which is just four points above StevenSeagal from Poland who got the third place. Congratulations to all the winners of September’s Trader contest!

The prizes for 26 September winners have already been credited except for the top-3 winners who have to conduct a webinar first and Teo who still has not confirmed the phone number in his profile.

That is all for now. We wish all the best to all October Trader contest participants and wish you a green month.

Community team

Signal Provider Grand Prix results for September 2015

Signal Provider Posted 06 Oct. 2015

Hi traders,

Please welcome another set of September Signal provider Grand Prix winners!

This time the Trader of the Year title goes from 112233 who was holding it for two months to P22498. He finished in September with 681.3K USD of yearly cumulative profit and overtook 112233 by 103K USD. Congratulations! The prize will be credited as soon as the interview and essay will be received.

112233 finished in the second place with 578K USD, just 22K USD above Andreym89’s result who took the third place. snowshow and flashroyal are traders who ended the month on the fourth and fifth places respectively.

September’s Trader contest winner mano930 from Egypt who joined us in July 2015 gained 1.39M USD during 3 months and became 6-month nomination winner. khaledalsaadani finished second with 1.1M USD in profit. Andreym89 finished third in 6-month nomination as well. TraderX and ChillyWillyBoy took fourth and fifth places with 477K and 455K USD in profit respectively.

That is all for now.


Community team

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