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The Geneva Fashion Awards offers young designers throughout the world the opportunity to participate in an international fashion design competition. We have created this contest to support and celebrate the work of talented designers.

Created and supported by Dukascopy Bank, the Awards has the mission to enhance the career path of the most prominent young fashion designers and give them a real chance to come out among the wide public.

In this competitive fashion world where talent, hard-work & excellence are not always recognized, we aim to give opportunities to the young most talented and ingenious fashion makers. The Geneva Fashion Awards will act as a platform that will open the doors of visibility and promotion for the designer and its work on a top scale and among a large international network.

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Geneva Fashion Awards 2017 RESULTS

The 3rd Edition of the Geneva Fashion Awards has been a fantastic time last Wednesday, July 19th at the Four Seasons Hôtel des Bergues. All the 4 finalists accomplished an amazing work and presented fabulous collections. Among the Finalists, we had, Adori, Maria Cao, Maison Angel Ann and Malina Fashion.
We are happy to announce the results:
1st Place: Malina Fashion
2nd Place: Adori
3rd Place: Maria Cao
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lil21 avatar
lil21 20 Авг.

На обуви пришло растение-их (получить приз)

lil21 avatar
lil21 7 Сент.

Меня зовут Лилия!
Я хочу выйти замуж за человека состояние которого 1000000000000
Я модель.
У меня есть законодательство по рекламе международное право.
Юридический закон для чего живут холостяки миллиардеры.
Я учусь чтобы выйти замуж.
по статье закона обязан на мне жениться
в книге актов гражданского состояния подают совместно .

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Call for applications!!!

Call for applications: Fashion and Jewelry designers are welcome to apply to participate in the Geneva Fashion Awards. The final will take place the 19th of July at the Four Seasons Hotel in Geneva.
We are now ready to receive applications for the Geneva Fashion Awards. Dear talented designers, we look forward to see your creations. Show us your talent, the best of what your creativity and fashion excellence. Send us your application and you may be chosen to become the finalist of the …
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Elenadesign avatar
Elenadesign 2 Июнь

Hello!! I want to be part of competition for yuong designers but when I sent letter to [email protected], I got mistake. Can you give me correct email? Or how can I send my application for this competition?
The best regards
Designer Elena Bruhova

Napoli avatar
Napoli 27 Окт.


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