Changes in LIVE trading contests

Posted 7 Mar., 2019  in #Live Trader #Live CFD Trader
Great news!

Following the successful start of LIVE FX Trader contest and tight competition, we decided to raise its prize fund from 1050 to 1500 USD and to increase number of prizes from 12 to 20. The main prize will be substantially increased from 300 to 500 USD.

We also took the decision to merge LIVE CFD and FX Trader contest into one LIVE Trader contest. This way participants will be able to trade all instruments Dukascopy has (including stocks).

Ranking system will be slightly changed to encourage traders who trade more.

The changes will come into force since March 11 and we hope you find it positive. Please let us know in case you have any questions.

Community team

LIVE CFD Trader contest results (5th week)

Posted 19 Dec., 2018  in #Live CFD Trader
Hello traders,

Eleven participants got to the winners list on the fifth contest week and here are the top-3.

komias from Ukraine won the main prize of 300 USD, having shown 49.1% of trading profitability. 200 USD goes to luki432 and 100 USD is given to brabus.

The rivalry in the contest remains to be low comparing with LIVE FX Trader contest, where the participant needs to show at least 40% profitability to get the 12th place, which is why now’s the best time to join LIVE CFD Trader contest.

We have also launched a new LIVE contest on Monday: this time for Binary options traders. The winning point of this contest is that it is conducted on the daily basis, and there is no need to compete for prizes during all week. The results are known at the end of the day and the prizes are credited the next day.

We hope you like the recent changes. In any case, feel free to let us know if you have something to add in the comments below the post.

Community team

LIVE CFD Trader contest results (3rd week)

Posted 5 Dec., 2018  in #Live CFD Trader
Hello traders,

The results of the third week are the following: md1fk1 won the main 300 USD prize with 376.5% of profitability. Dominos and earspower have earned the second and third places and got 200 and 100 USD respectively.

We have to admit that the competition level in the contest is quite low for now, and that allows getting the prize place even with profitability such little as 0.221%. Just like in the case with timo who took the 10 place and 30 USD prize.

Consider taking a part in the contest, it worth trying!

In case you have any ideas or remarks you can let us know in comments below the post.

Community team

LIVE CFD Trader contest results (first week)

Posted 21 Nov., 2018  in #Live CFD Trader
Hello traders,

We have the results of the first week of LIVE CFD Trader contest and the CFD Trader of the week is dukfxx from Egypt! He finished with enormous 259% of trading profitability, and that has brought him a prize of 300 USD. This is not his only achievement, as he already won 500 USD in LIVE FX Trader contest. Congratulations on such a great performance!

Dominos was the closest dukfxx’s rival but he didn’t overcome him and ended the week with 239% of trading profitability.
Third place was taken by brabus, whose trading result is 23%. We also congratulate the other seven finalists, who have shown profitable trading and won their prizes.

We hope that you like the new contest concept. In case, you have any ideas in regards to the contest development or improvement please let us know in the comments below the post.

Community team

LIVE CFD Trader Contest launched

Posted 13 Nov., 2018  in #Live CFD Trader
Hello traders!

After four successful weeks of LIVE FX Trader Contest and 4’110 USD of cash prizes paid to 43 winners, Dukascopy Bank announces the start of a new competition between CFD traders – LIVE CFD Trader contest.

Same as in LIVE FX Trader Contest 1’050 USD of weekly prize fund will be distributed among 12 winners, with the best profitability during the Contest week. The only difference is a list of tradable instruments that consist of Commodity and Index CFDs only. Winners will be announced Fridays after market close.

There is no limitation on the number of contest Community members that can take a part: traders participating in LIVE FX Trader Contest are welcome to also join the LIVE CFD Trader Contest.

For more information, please read here. The contest is open starting from November 13th.

Community team