November results of Strategy Contest

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Congratulations to the Winners of November Strategy Contest!

1 fx_lmcap
2 owis
3 sezann
4 Drift
5 egidijus
6 rois_ryders
8 MSCopy
9 AdamFx42

Good luck to all Participants.
Dukascopy Community Team.

Fundamental Analysis Contest results for 5 week of November announced

Posted 6 Dec.  in #Fundamental analysis
We have published the results of the last week Fundamental Analysis contest. Please visit the Standings page to see who won.

Community predictions results

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helminsir from Tunisia, who joined Community in July 2018, finished the November competition in the first place with 7718 points. AliKadem, finished on second place with 6337 points and was awarded with 400 USD on his account. Ksadel from Canada has finished on the third place with 6121 and won 300 USD.

The prizes have been credited to all finalists except AliKadem who needs to clarify his real name and surname in his profile first, confirm email and mobile number.

Community team

LIVE CFD Trader contest results (3rd week)

Posted 5 Dec.  in #Live CFD Trader
Hello traders,

The results of the third week are the following: md1fk1 won the main 300 USD prize with 376.5% of profitability. Dominos and earspower have earned the second and third places and got 200 and 100 USD respectively.

We have to admit that the competition level in the contest is quite low for now, and that allows getting the prize place even with profitability such little as 0.221%. Just like in the case with timo who took the 10 place and 30 USD prize.

Consider taking a part in the contest, it worth trying!

In case you have any ideas or remarks you can let us know in comments below the post.

Community team

LIVE FX Trader contest results (7th week)

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Hello traders,

Seventh week of the contest has successfully ended and the main 300 USD prize goes to Drift who showed the highest profitability of 219.8%. Erokhin won his first 200 USD prize having reached 154.3% of profitability and Lebanon won 100 USD with 131.2%. Congratulations to the rest of nine finalists, who have been rewarded with prizes as well.

In case you have any ideas or remarks you can let us know in comments below the post.

Community team

LIVE FX Trader contest results (6th week)

Posted 29 Nov.  in #Live FX Trader
Hello traders,

22 participants have shown positive results during the third week of November but only the 12 best of them have been awarded with contest prizes.

Dominos from Egypt has shown the best result (135.5% of profitability) and has won the main prize of 300 USD. NadirAbbas and BIGBO are the second and third places winners. Congratulations to all winners!

rokasltu and valter continue to be the most consistent traders as they both won their prizes in 5 out of 6 periods. komias continues to be unbeaten by the sum of prizes won: his result is 600 USD.

We thank all the participants, who have provided us with their feedback regarding the contest model. If you have any suggestions or notes to add please do it in comments below the post.

Meanwhile that is all for now. Have a profitable week!

Community team