Telefision Interactive Rooms
Telefision experience

Telefision Interactive Rooms designed for all kinds of distant communication and collaboration, making it useful for holding interactive presentations, virtual meetings, and much more. It is based on a real-time synchronized surface, meaning all changes are instantly visible to other participants. Here are some of the key features of the application:

Limitless Drawing Presentations
Every whiteboard comes without any size restrictions, you can keep adding content, expanding the board in any direction. You will be presented with an array of useful drawing tools. Highlight and illustrate anything you want. Prepare your content, and invite an audience. Your guests may even view it by choosing to follow your exact perspective.
Video Conferences and Chatting Image, Link and PDF sharing Recording and Playback
Invite multiple people to a discussion. And don't forget to turn on your webcam. Easily upload items from your computer or any URL and share them with others. Anything you do can be recorded and replayed any time you want.
In case of queries regarding the Telefision service contact us at
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