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Company News

15 September 2006
Dukascopy Suisse SA offers new services: 24H Broker Chat Support and 24H Call Level Service
6 September 2006
Dukascopy adds more liquidity to its ECN Networks - Your Gateway to the Biggest Forex Liquidity Networks in the World.
21 August 2006
Starting September 1st, 2006, The Minimum ECN Account for self traders is set USD 50'000.
7 August 2006
Dukascopy Suisse SA offers Arabic ECN Trading Platform
4 August 2006
Dukascopy Suisse SA adds news from AForex to the Forex Trading Platform. Starting August 4, Dukascopy Clients are now provided with two sources of online news services: AForex and Dow Jones, combined into one stream.
1 August 2006
Dukascopy Suisse SA modifies the ECN Commissions for Private Traders: 10-30 USD per 1 mio USD traded.
10 July 2006
Dukascopy Suisse SA applies a new ECN Commission policy.
28 June 2006
Strategy D115 has reached the deposit limit. No more deposits are accepted.
15 June 2006
Dukascopy Suisse SA launches a New Unique Managed Account - Strategy D66 - Fully Automatized Strategy, constant positive performance for the past 3 years.
28 Feb 2006
Dukascopy offers NEW Strategy D26 - one of the largest joint-ventures between the biggest Swiss managers.
18 Feb 2006
Dukascopy Suisse starts a public beta testing of the new trading platform: DDS ECN Forex Level II.
25 Jan 2005
Now Dukascopy offers "Movers Shakers" information; Daily, weekly, monthly biggest movers.
15 Dec 2005
Dukascopy selects new external managers, Strategy D115 and Strategy D125. Dukascopy adds new Forex ECN crosses. EURAUD, GBPCHF and NZDUSD are now available.
20 Jan 2006
Dukascopy Trading platform now includes Daily High/ Low window, available under Tools menu section.
14 Dec 2005
Dukascopy announces that Strategy C35 is not anymore available. The risk committee decided to stop this strategy because of high risk taken by the manager.
30 Sep 2005
Dukascopy added new banks in their ECN network. Better spread and higher liquidity.
29 Sep 2005
Dukascopy is proud to present you the new development in its trading platform for external asset managers, such as "hot" managed account plugging in/out, Percentage Allocation Management Module and Performance Fee and Management Fee automation.
19 Sep 2005
Effective 20 September 2005, Dukascopy offers the solution for multi managed accounts in one client account.
01 Sep 2005
Dukascopy is pleased to introduce you a new selection of top best external managers. Choose your manager.
15 Aug 2005
Dukascopy announces that Bank Guarantee, Credit Line and Pledge can be accepted.
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