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Company News

9 March 2012
Dukascopy Bank expands its White Label network with FXDD Europe.

Dukascopy Bank, a Swiss based Forex bank with its own unique trading technology and marketplace announces a new partnership with a leading FX Broker: FXDD Europe. Traders now have the possibility to open an account with FXDD Europe and benefit from Dukascopy Bank's outstanding trading technology, execution, and liquidity through the JForex trading platform. Trading through iPhone and iPad is also available.

Alain Broyon, CEO of Dukascopy Bank: "This new partnership with a major player in Europe confirms the success of our White Label Solution. The JForex Platform has become one of the most famous trading platforms in the Forex Industry and will open opportunities to our partners around the world. We are proud to collaborate with FXDD Europe and to provide the FX Community with a high-tech trading system".

"The JForex platform is one of the most forward-thinking web-based and mobile applications in Forex and is a testament to Dukascopy Bank devotion to technology," said John Corbett, Director of Marketing, FXDD. "As a leader in Forex innovation, it makes sense for FXDD Europe to partner with Dukascopy Bank to offer clients a better trading platform. FXDD experienced huge success in offering the JForex platform to our U.S. clients and is thrilled to extend this offering through FXDD Europe." - John Corbett, Director of Marketing
6 March 2012
Dukascopy Bank has been awarded a prize for most sociable website as well as for best online content. The prize was given by the letstalkfx.com community. More information
23 January 2012
SMS notification service launched
Dukascopy Bank SA is pleased to announce the launch of the new SMS notification service.
From now on, clients having a LIVE account may subscribe to receive SMS notifications about different types of events on their trading account or in the market. This refers to trading activities, account related events, market signals as well as alerts about the reach of client's custom predefined price levels on selected instruments (analogue and substitute of the "Call level request" function offered on LIVE platforms).
Initially the service will be available for self traders only. However, later we do plan to offer it to external managers and their clients as well (PAMM users).
Clients are encouraged to check the settings and customization possibilities of the service on their platform ("Summary" tab, section "SMS notifications").  Note that Dukascopy Bank SA offers 20 free SMS notifications per month to every client. For more details see the SMS notification service fees section. 
23 January 2012
Dukascopy Bank SA expands its currency pairs list with 12 additional financial instruments for Live trading accounts - AUD/SGD, CAD/HKD, CHF/SGD, EUR/DKK, EUR/HKD, EUR/SGD, HKD/JPY, USD/DKK, USD/HKD, USD/MXN, USD/SGD and USD/ZAR.
14 December 2011

Opening hours during Christmas and New Year:

  • Friday 23 December 2011: Normal Market Closure at 22:00 GMT  
  • Sunday 25 December 2011: Normal Market Opening at 22:00 GMT  
  • Friday 30 December 2011: Normal Market Closure at 22:00 GMT  
  • Sunday 1st January 2012: Normal Market Opening at 22:00 GMT
  • Gold and Silver (XAU/USD and XAG/USD) will remain closed all day on Monday 26 December 2011 and Monday 2 January 2012 Beware of lower liquidity level during Christmas week, particularly on Monday 26 December 2011
08 December 2011
Dukascopy Bank SA expands its currency pairs list with additional financial instruments AUD/SGD, CAD/HKD, CHF/SGD, EUR/DKK, EUR/HKD, EUR/PLN, EUR/SGD, EUR/TRY, HKD/JPY, SGD/JPY, USD/DKK, USD/HKD, USD/MXN, USD/PLN, USD/RUB, USD/TRY and USD/ZAR. Currently trading available on the DEMO platform only.
02 December 2011
Dukascopy Bank SA has been awarded the prize of the Broker of the Year during the last Forex Expo in November 2011. (http://awards.forexexpo.com/) This award is the result of the votes from traders and industry professionals during the year 2011.
4 November 2011
Settlement time is changed from 21:00 GMT to 22:00 GMT starting from Monday 07 November 2011.
25 October 2011

Dukascopy Bank SA will participate as an exhibitor in the Zurich Structured Products Fair on the 26th and 27th of October. We welcome all of our clients to visit our booth K17. In order to receive an invitation by post, please kindly send your full name, phone number, postal and e-mail addresses to mandanos un mensaje.

29 September 2011

Dukascopy bank continues to support superior performance and transparency among professional traders and investment managers, arranging a monthly FX trading award. The trading account with the best performance will be singled out at the end of each calendar month. Following the wishes of our clients, starting from September, each month winner will get an invitation to the bank's office in Geneva and participate in Geneva Forex Event, where he will receive the prize - 5000 USD. Read more

26 September 2011

Dukascopy bank is announcing that starting from 15 of October 2011 the minimal initial deposit to open an account in the bank will be changed from 1000 USD to 5000 USD. This limitation will not affect Swiss residents and the clients who have completed account opening procedure before 15 of October 2011. For those who wish to open an account less than 5000 USD, Dukascopy Europe (subsidiary of Dukascopy bank) accepts deposits from 100 USD.

14 September 2011
Dukascopy Bank was selected as the best Forex broker by Futures Magazine in the following 2 categories: mobile trading, research   commentary.
For more information, please go to the link
22 August 2011
Partnership with Alpari (US), LLC

Dukascopy Bank SA is pleased to announce that Alpari JForex platform will be available for Live trading on Monday 22 August 2011.

The JForex Alpari platform is powered by Dukascopy Bank SA and has same prices, liquidity and execution quality as Dukascopy Bank SA.
27 July 2011
Partnerships with FXDD and Alpari (US) - technical integration update for our US-based clients

The JForex platforms offered by FXDD and Alpari (US) to US residents are powered by Dukascopy Bank SA and have same prices, liquidity and execution quality as Dukascopy Bank SA.

FXDD JForex US platform is already available for trading since July 17, 2011. Alpari JForex platform whould be ready in the coming days.
13 July 2011
Partnerships with FXDD and Alpari (US) - technical integration update for our US-based clients
Dukascopy Bank SA announces that FXDD JForex US platform should be available for Live trading on July 17, 2011 and expects that Alpari JForex platform be ready on July 31st, 2011.
6 July 2011
Dukacopy Bank is nominated as The Most Innovative Bank e-Trading Platform by FX Week, one of the leading financial magazines in the industry. The two other banks selected are JPMorgan and Barclays Capital. Read more...
1st July 2011
Dukascopy Bank SA announces partnerships with FXDirectDealer, LLC and Alpari (US), LLC

Dukascopy Bank SA is proud to announce its collaboration with two leading US brokers which will offer Dukascopy Bank SA’s trading technology and data feed to US residents through a White Label agreement. US residents willing to transfer their account to FXDirectDealer, LLC or to Alpari (US), LLC are invited to instruct Dukascopy Bank SA as soon as possible.
Alain Broyon, CEO of Dukascopy Bank says: "We are very enthusiastic starting those promising collaborations which will allow US-based clients to continue using Dukascopy Bank SA’s trading technology and data feed and which are building up Dukascopy Bank SA as provider of trading technology."
15 June 2011

New opportunity to trade via US Brokers / New US white label partners Read more...

15 June 2011

Closing of US residents positions

Pursuant to changes in US Forex regulation, US residents who are not eligible contract participants will be invited to transfer their accounts to one of our US partners which will provide Dukascopy Bank’s trading technology and data feed to US clients. 

Please note that all positions opened with Dukascopy Bank by non-eligible contract participants must be closed by July 15, 2011 at 18:00 GMT (July 14 at 18:00 GMT for non-USD accounts). Dukascopy Bank only accepts US eligible contract participants as defined in the relevant US regulation.

Further information will be given on July 1st 2011.

24 May 2011
Dukascopy Bank SA has launched Silver (XAG/USD) for Live trading accounts.
Minimum trading amount is 50 units (ounces). Increment 1 unit (ounce).
Trading hours during summer time are from 22.00 GMT Sunday till 21.00 GMT Friday with a daily 1 hour interruption at settlement time (from 21.00 GMT to 22.00 GMT).
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