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Company News

27 May 2016

Meet Dukascopy Europe in Slovenia on June 10th

Dukascopy Europe is participating at the Annual General Assembly of "ACI Forex Slovenia" on June 11th and 12th and is organizing a seminar in Brezovica (Ljubljana region) the day before. You are welcome to register for the seminar and meet our representatives in person.
17 May 2016

Meet Dukascopy in Rimini on May 19th-20th

Dukascopy Europe (EU-based subsidiary of Dukascopy Bank SA) is participating in "IT Forum 2016" exhibition in Rimini on May 19th and 20th.
You are welcome to visit our booth during the exhibition days and meet our representatives in person.
12 May 2016

Dukascopy Payments official launch

After successfully testing Dukascopy Payments web and mobile platforms by employees and selected clients, we are proud to announce that we are officially launching the electronic payment service based on Dukascopy Connect mobile application. Depositing, withdrawing and transferring money is now cheaper and faster with Dukascopy Payments. In order to open an account with us please visit: pay.dukascopy.com or download the Dukascopy Connect mobile app from App Store or Google Play.
Sing up and start enjoying Dukascopy Payments services! Link for the press release 
29 April 2016

Dukascopy TV on Apple TV

Shortly after the Dukascopy TV for Android Smart TV app release, it is now on available on Apple TV. 
Click here for more information and download link.

27 April 2016

Meet Dukascopy in Prague on April 29th and 30th

Dukascopy Europe (EU-based subsidiary of Dukascopy Bank SA) is participating in "FPG MoneyExpo Trading 2016" exhibition in Prague on April 29th and 30th.

You are welcome to visit our booth during the exhibition days and meet our representatives in person. 

26 April 2016

Dukascopy's JForex was announced "The Best Global Professional Trading Platform" on China Forex Expo 2016

During the "China Forex Expo 2016" in Shenzhen, Dukascopy's JForex platform was named "The Best Global Professional Trading Platform". This proves once again that JForex is a stable, technologically advanced and industry-leading platform. We would like to thank the China Forex Expo organizers for their professionalism and all of our customers for the support.
18 April 2016

Binary Anniversary Bonus

Following the recent update of binary trading conditions (extended options duration, higher contract amounts and payouts), Dukascopy is glad to unveil another update - The Anniversary Bonus program is now also available for Binary accounts.
Traders may apply for a bonus of 100% of the account equity within 30 days from the last account top-up. Find out more detailed conditions on the webpage.
12 April 2016

Meet Dukascopy in Shenzhen on April 16th–17th

Dukascopy Bank SA is participating in China Forex Expo 2016 on April 16th–17th
You are welcome to visit our booth during the exhibition days and meet our representatives in person.
08 April 2016

FinDating got a new Owner

Dukascopy Bank SA is delighted to announce the sale of the Findating event to “The Lantern Research”. The Lantern Research is well-regarded for its event organisation in Switzerland, previously holding such events as the Lugano Fund Forum, Lugano Commodity Forum and other network events in the country.

"After the triumph of the first Findating event last October 2015, we have decided to hand over this project to a company which has an impressive reputation of organising financial events in Switzerland. We consider The Lantern Research team to be the best solution to help build on the success of Findating moving forward. We are aware of the great potential of this event in Geneva and we are relying on the capability of Lantern Research to ensure the continued success of the event. This hand over will allow Dukascopy Bank to focus on continued development of our Dukascopy TV, Dukascopy Payments and core brokerage activity." Andre Duka – CEO Dukascopy Bank.

"We are happy to take on this new challenge in such an established financial centre like Geneva and we are prepared to use all of our experience to develop the Findating event for the future. This new challenge consolidates our presence in Switzerland as well as introducing our organisation to a global audience. We have gained experience working with established banks and financial companies such as Credit Suisse, UBS, BNP Paribas and many others and we are seeking to bring all of them with us in this new exciting adventure in Geneva. A Keynote Speaker has already confirmed his participation - Dominick Salvatore, distinguished Professor of Economics at Fordham University in New York- and many others will attend the event with the purpose to create a unique market place of financial knowledge and ideas exchange. We thank Dukascopy Bank SA for the great opportunity and we are looking forward to getting ready for the next Event in June 2016" Riccardo Esposito – CEO The Lantern Research.

The next Financial Dating event is set to take place on the 23rd of June 2016, at the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel in Geneva. For more information and to register your interest, please visit the website www.findating.com and www.findating.ch
Further information and regular updates can be found on Twitter, @FinancialDating.

07 April 2016

Updates in binary options trading conditions

A new set of trader-friendly trading condition updates have been implemented to the binary options trading service:
  • Up/Down options maximum duration has been extended from 60 minutes to 24 hours.
  • Maximum contract amounts have been doubled and are now equal to maximum instrument exposure. Now the order amount limit is 10,000 USD per option.
  • Payouts have been increased for Daily Stock options and Pair Binaries. Base payouts are now set at a high of 80% compared to 70% previously.

Dukascopy believes the updates will be appreciated by traders and will cater for an even more flexible trading experience. 

22 March 2016

DST and Easter Weekend

Change to daylight savings time:
This Sunday, 27th March, clocks will be set forward by one hour in many countries of the northern hemisphere. While there is no change in the Dukascopy opening hours from Sundays at 21:00 GMT to Fridays at 21:00 GMT, the change to summertime means that market will again open at the normal time of 23:00 for Western European Traders. In Europe clocks will be set back to wintertime on Sunday 30th October 2016.

Please beware of low liquidity and the possibility of interruptions on Friday 25th March and Monday 28th March.

Easter Weekend market hours:

  Thursday 24.03 Friday 25.03 Monday 28.03
Gold & Silver   closed  
BRENT   closed  
LIGHT   closed  
AUS close 13.00 closed closed
CHF   closed  closed
DEU   closed  closed
ESP   closed  closed
EUS   closed  closed
FRA   closed  closed
GBP   closed  closed
JPN   closed  
HKG   closed   closed
USA30   closed  
USA500   closed  
USATECH   closed  


11 March 2016

Meet Dukascopy in Poland on March 11th and 12th

Dukascopy Europe (EU-based subsidiary of Dukascopy Bank SA) is participating in "Expo FXCuffs 2016" exhibition in Krakow on March 11th and 12th.

You are welcome to visit our booth during the exhibition days and meet our representatives in person. 

10 March 2016

CFD on single stocks launched on DEMO

The range of tradable CFD instruments at Dukascopy Bank and Dukascopy Europe has been extended by one more type of instrument  CFD on single stocks. The start is made with 35 stocks of one of the top European markets Germany.
Currently the new instruments are available in DEMO and for Self-Trading accounts only, but LIVE environment is to follow soon. New CFD instruments can be added using the instrument selector in the trading platform.

The plan is to gradually launch CFDs on the most interesting shares from all major stock markets. 

09 March 2016

Change to Daylight Saving Time

Clocks will be advanced by 1 hour this Sunday 13 March in the US eastern time zone (EST). The FX trading day ending at 5pm NY time, Dukascopy Market opening and settlement time will be changed from 22:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT effectively this Sunday 13 March 2016.

Clocks will return to Winter schedule on Sunday 6th November. 

04 March 2016

Reduction of maximum leverage on HKD positions (updated)

Following yesterday’s announcement regarding the impending reduction of maximum leverage on USD/HKD currency pair to 1:10 amidst concerns of peg abolition and possible subsequent high volatility and low liquidity, we would like to specify that this reduction will also be applied to all HKD pairs, including HKD/JPY, CAD/HKD and EUR/HKD.

Reduced leverage on HKD-containing pairs has already been applied to accounts with no open HKD positions. We remind that reduction of maximum leverage for HKD positions to 1:10 on remaining accounts will happen on 9 March 2016 at 11:00 GMT.

03 March 2016

Reduction of maximum leverage on USD/HKD exposures

Due to possibility of abolishment of the USD/HKD peg and the probable subsequent high volatility and low liquidity on that currency pair, there is an increasing risk of significant price gaps, which may cause negative equity on client accounts. Because of that Dukascopy Bank and Dukascopy Europe are forced to reduce maximum leverage for exposures on USD/HKD to 1:10 as of 9 March 2016 at 11:00 GMT.

Traders are invited to estimate their margin usage at the moment that the leverage reduction on USD/HKD will be applied and adjust their exposure if needed.

Please note that for all accounts where there is no such USD/HKD exposure the lower maximum leverage will be applied today, 3 March 2016 after 14:00 GMT. 

16 February 2016

Meet Dukascopy in London on February 19th

Dukascopy Europe (EU-based subsidiary of Dukascopy Bank SA) is participating in "London Forex Show" exhibition on Friday, February 19th.

You are welcome to visit our booth during the exhibition day and meet our representatives in person. 

12 February 2016

Beware of reduced liquidity on Monday 15 February due to US market closure on Presidents day.

• Regular trading hours
• Trading stops at 18:00 GMT on Monday 15 February
• Markets re-open at 23:00 GMT on Monday 15 February
• Trading stops at 18:00 GMT on Monday 15 February for the USA30.IDX/USD, USATECH.IDX/USD, USA500.IDX/USD
• Markets re-open at 7:00 GMT on Tuesday 16 February
• Trading stops at 18:00 GMT on Monday 15 February for the JPN.IDX/JPY
• Markets re-open at 1:00 GMT on Tuesday 16 February
• Trading stops at 18:00 GMT on Monday 15 February for the LIGHT.CMD/USD
• Markets re-open at 23:00 GMT on Monday 15 February 

05 February 2016

Dukascopy TV on Android Smart TV

Dukascopy TV application now supports Android Smart TV. Dukascopy TV is one of the richest sources of Forex-related shows, with daily broadcasts that you can watch on your Android Smart TV. Dukascopy TV provides access to daily news releases, technical and fundamental analysis of market trends, and much more.
Click here for more information and download link.

Apple TV version is under development and will be available shortly. 

05 February 2016

Market closures during Chinese New Year

Regular trading hours
Beware of reduced liquidity for USDCNH and HKD instruments during Chinese New Year celebrations next week.


Regular trading hours

Trading remains closed on Monday 8 February, Tuesday 9 February and 10 February for the HKD.IDX/HKD

The Market re-opens at 1:30 GMT on Thursday 11 February

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