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Company News

1 December 2006
06 March 2007
Dukascopy (Suisse) SA opens free access to its high quality Forex FIX API, with full market depth, to institutional Forex market participants. The goal of this program is to raise the industry quality standard bar and to develop a new historic reference for all participants. More
26 February 2007
Dukascopy launches a new JForex API for traders interested in automated trading.
26 January 2007
New API FIX Commission: Starting from 27th of January 2007, Dukascopy offers its API FIX clients a new ECN commissions - 25 dollars per 1 Million USD traded.
28 December 2006
New Commission: Starting from 15th of January 2007, Dukascopy offers its clients a new ECN commission - 25 dollars per 1 Million USD traded.
22 December 2006
Dukascopy announces the increase of its shareholder capital to 10 million CHF. More
19 December 2006
Dukascopy publishes an article on technological developments in Forex industry. More
19 December 2006
Dukascopy offers new technical analysis tool providing increased convenience and functionality. Now it is possible to create your own indicators! In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dukascopy Sales Desk.
7 December 2006
Dukascopy now provides its clients with the Bank Guarantee Solution starting from 250'000 USD.
22 November 2006
Dukascopy provides now to all its clients access to the Swiss Forex Marketplace via the new marketplace technology solution. The clients can now access the marketplace via the new Forex GUI, Dukascopy (Suisse) SA - SWFX 3.0i Forex Terminal.
1 November 2006
Dukascopy provides the technology solution of Forex marketplace to its VIP clients. Should a client be interested in testing this new platform, please do not hesitate to contact Dukascopy Sales Desk.
2 October 2006

2 October 2006

Dukascopy will provide the technology solution for Forex marketplaces, from mid-October 2006. #ALINKᔺ#More
15 September 2006
Dukascopy Suisse SA offers new services: 24H Broker Chat Support and 24H Call Level Service
6 September 2006
Dukascopy adds more liquidity to its ECN Networks - Your Gateway to the Biggest Forex Liquidity Networks in the World.
21 August 2006
Starting September 1st, 2006, The Minimum ECN Account for self traders is set USD 50'000.
7 August 2006
Dukascopy Suisse SA offers Arabic ECN Trading Platform
4 August 2006
Dukascopy Suisse SA adds news from AForex to the Forex Trading Platform. Starting August 4, Dukascopy Clients are now provided with two sources of online news services: AForex and Dow Jones, combined into one stream.
1 August 2006
Dukascopy Suisse SA modifies the ECN Commissions for Private Traders: 10-30 USD per 1 mio USD traded.
10 July 2006
Dukascopy Suisse SA applies a new ECN Commission policy.
28 June 2006
Strategy D115 has reached the deposit limit. No more deposits are accepted.
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