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Company News

25 March 2011
Daylight Saving Time
Market opening and settlement time will be changed from 22:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT starting Sunday 27 March 2011.
21 February 2011
Dear Demo Traders,
Please be informed that DEMO settlement time is changed from 24:00 GMT to 22:00 GMT starting from 21 February 2011.
17 February 2011

Dukascopy Bank SA is pleased to announce Bank CIC (Switzerland) Ltd. as a new custodian bank. Through this collaboration, clients of CIC will have direct access to one of the largest FX liquidity in the industry.

CIC is a Swiss bank that has been in business since 1909 servicing private and corporate clients. With more than 100 years experience at the head office in Basel coupled with the backing of CIC France, which is integrated with the Crédit Mutuel Group, Bank CIC (Switzerland) Ltd. offers all the services of a Swiss universal bank. "We are really proud to be collaborating with a Swiss bank of such a caliber which has been in the banking business for more than 100 years" mentioned Alain Broyon, Chief Executive at Dukascopy Bank SA.

By collaborating with CIC, Dukascopy Bank SA is expanding its list of Swiss custodian banks. As a result, Dukascopy Bank SA is providing a greater choice to its clients wishing to segregate their funds at leading Swiss banks and trading Forex with a worldwide leader in FX trading services.
4 February 2011
New bonuses for Demo Contest winners! An invitation to the monthly Geneva Forex Event
At the start of the 3rd month of the Dukascopy trader contest we are glad to announce the establishment of an extra prize to demo contest winners (1st position) – an invitation to the spectacular monthly Geneva Forex Event! Dukascopy takes the costs for the flight to Geneva and back as well as the accommodation expenses in one of the luxury hotels. Geneva Forex Event is a unique ceremony organized by Dukascopy Bank SA, where Forex professionals from all over the world unite to socialize in a pleasant atmosphere, without formalities and pressure. Take the chance to take part in this exclusive event held in Geneva, Switzerland! The prize applies to the winners of the Strategy and Trader contest.
5 January 2011
Dukascopy Bank SA is expanding its White-Label Partners network by announcing the cooperation with Kakaku.com Financial, INC. - one of the biggest Forex brokers in Japan. Mr. Alain Broyon, CEO of the Swiss Bank says:"This cooperation will allow Kakaku.com Financial, INC. and the Japanese clients to get access to the biggest liquidity in the world. We are proud to announce such a collaboration between two entities leading in their market". Mr Kijima Toshiya, the president of Kakaku.com Financial, INC. says: "It is gratifying to be a partner with Dukascopy Bank SA and to be able to introduce such high potential products to our mother market".
1st December 2010
Dukascopy Bank SA starts new trading contest with the total monthly prize fund of 15 000$. Registration is free and no live trading account is needed. See Details »
29 November 2010

Dukascopy Bank SA has been awarded the price of the Best Forex broker in Europe during the last Forex Expo in November 2010. (http://awards.forexexpo.com/)
This award is the result of the votes from traders and professionals during the year 2010.

11 November 2010
Dear Clients,
Dukascopy announces that during the upcoming weekend an improved mechanism of merged positions price calculation will be applied. For more information please visit:
Weighted Average Price
Merged Positions Price
5 November 2010
Dear Clients,
Please be informed that settlement time is changed from 21:00 GMT to 22:00 GMT starting from Monday 08 November 2010.
22 October 2010
Dukascopy Bank SA will implement decimal pricing on live trading environment starting Sunday 24 October 2010. With the change, the minimum price steps will be 0.1 pip instead of 0.5 pip.
15 October 2010

Dukascopy Bank SA announces the results of the JForex Strategy Contest for September. Read more...

6 October 2010

Dukascopy Bank SA is pleased to introduce decimal prices on DEMO trading platform starting 05 Oct 2010.

Now the minimum price step is 0.1 pip instead of 0.5 pips.

Implementation on LIVE trading platform is expected in a couple of weeks.

13 September 2010

Dukascopy Bank is pleased to announce the upcoming awarding ceremony of the best trader of the Year, which will take place on January 13th, 2011. Any client can participate and become the honoured winner. Read more...

8 September 2010

Dukascopy Bank SA announces the results of the JForex Strategy Contest for August. Read more...

25 August 2010
The JForex Contest Rules are announced for September. Read more
13 August 2010
Dukascopy Bank expands its Currency pairs list with additional financial instrument - USD/SGD. Currently spot trading for this instrument is available on the Demo platform only.
2 August 2010

Dukascopy Bank SA announces preliminary results of the JForex Strategy Contest for July. Read more...

30 July 2010

Dukascopy Bank launches equity protection functionality for self trading accounts. "Stop loss level" function is available directly from the trading platform. Read more...

18 July 2010

Traders Contest

The "Symbol of Transparency" for the month of June has been awarded to Rajan Mehta during the 6th edition of the Geneva Forex Event held on 15 July 2010 Mr. Mehta's TV interview will be released soon.
Following an excellent performance the winner earned the now famous Quinting-Dukascopy time piece. Dukascopy Bank SA wishes him all the best for his future trading activities and looks forward to crown the next winner.

12 July 2010

Dear Bankers and Finance professionals,
The 6th edition of the Geneva Forex Event will take place on 15 July 2010 at Le Beau Rivage Hotel in Geneva, at 18:30 Another networking appointment where Dukascopy Bank offers the ground to discuss market opportunities and news in a relaxed classy environment.

This edition aspires to the outstanding success of the previous one, promising yet another elite speakers panel for the Dukascopy TV corner, and many surprises awaiting our guests. Register your name on the guest list
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