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Company News

03 November 2016

New currency pair launched for trading on LIVE

Dukascopy is glad to expand the range of FX instruments list. Euro to Russian Ruble (EUR/RUB) has been added on LIVE environment. Maximum leverage on EUR/RUB is set to 1:10.

The new currency pair is available only for Self traders' accounts. More detailed information about SWAP rates and trading breaks is provided in the corresponding section of our website.

01 November 2016

Update of leverage reduction on US Election Day

In addition to 1:10 leverage on USD/MXN and specific leverage conditions on accounts with a balance over USD 30,000 announced on 27.10.2016, Dukascopy is taking additional measures in relation with US Election Day:

Leverage on all CFD Indexes will be reduced to 1:10 on Monday 7 November, 14:00 GMT and will remain in place until further notice.

Dukascopy kindly invites traders to evaluate their trading accounts and adjust exposure if necessary in order to avoid being overexposed during US Election. 

27 October 2016

Reduction of leverage on US Election Day

Due to the risks of high volatility, low liquidity and significant price gaps on the presidential election day in the USA, Dukascopy is taking the following measures:
  • On Sunday 6 November, 22:00 GMT before the market opening, the leverage on USD/MXN will be lowered to 1:10. This measure will remain in place until further notice.
  • On Tuesday 8 November at 10:00 GMT, the trading leverage on all currency pairs will be decreased till the level of the over-the-weekend leverage conditions on all trading accounts that have the balance over 30,000 USD or equivalent at the end of previous trading day (account balance on 7 November).
All other accounts (under USD 30,000 or equivalent) that experience a significant increase of equity due to profit or deposit on Tuesday 8 November will be treated on a case-by-case basis.

The leverage reduction is planned to be cancelled on Wednesday 9 November, 05:00 GMT. Dukascopy reserves the right to prolong it if found necessary. 

25 October 2016

Daylight savings time ends

On Sunday 30 October, clocks in Europe are turned back one hour as daylight saving time ends. Please note that there will be no change in the opening hour of our systems on Sunday and the daily settlement done at 21:00 GMT / 5pm EST. European clients may take note that the market opening will be done at 22:00 CET / Swiss Time.

Daylight savings time ends Sunday 6 November in North America. Market opening of our systems and daily settlement will be changed to 22:00 GMT / 5pm EST / 23:00 CET / Swiss Time on that date.

20 October 2016

Alert of scam and abuse of Dukascopy brand name

Dukascopy Bank hereby stresses that "DUKES COPY LTD" and www.dukes-copy.com which were mentioned in some media and by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (http://www.sfc.hk/web/EN/alert-list/all.htmlۊ) as unlicensed entity, are not associated with Dukascopy Group in any manner whatsoever. Moreover, we suspect this forex related investment offer can be a scam. We are currently taking legal actions to protect Dukascopy brand name and reputation. 

30 September 2016

German Bank holiday on Monday, 3 October

Beware of reduced liquidity on Monday, 3 October
Trading hours:
FX, Gold and Silver
• Regular trading hours on Monday, 3 October


• Following instruments will be closed on Monday, 3 October: 
DEU.IDX/EUR, German single stock CFDs 
22 September 2016

New currency pair launched for trading on DEMO

Dukascopy is glad to expand the range of FX instruments list. Euro to Russian Ruble (EUR/RUB) has been added on DEMO environment.
Maximum leverage on EUR/RUB is set to 1:10.
More detailed information about trading conditions is provided in the corresponding sections of the website.

Video-identification revolution at Dukascopy Bank

Paperless, swift and easy onboarding
Following the issuance of the FINMA circular 2016/7 on Video-identification dated March 2016, Dukascopy Bank was eager to be among the first financial institutions to use an in-house developed video-based on-boarding system, fully integrated to its IT infrastructure.
Dukascopy Bank is delighted to announce that, from now on, opening an account and starting to trade at Dukascopy Bank can be done within 1 hour.
This is a tremendous breakthrough and improvement in client experience. Dukascopy Bank was often criticized on Internet forums because of its long and bureaucratic account opening process requiring 10 days in average and up to 1 month.
What makes the opening so much faster?
Now, Dukascopy Bank identifies clients in 15 minutes during a video session. Before, the only way was to obtain and to send by post mail a certified copy of Identity Document (ID), an archaic procedure in online times.
Moreover, from now on, clients execute Dukascopy contracts fully online, by few clicks. There is no more need to print, sign and send documents by post mail.
Once opened, the account can be funded instantly by credit card and used immediately.
Opening an account still and will continue to begin by filling online forms from Dukascopy's website. Optimizations will be made in this respect so as to further improve the client experience by swiftening and simplifying the account application process.
At the time being, our new swift and easy on-boarding is offered to physical persons opening an account in their name, the vast majority of our clients. Special cases such as joint or corporate accounts, still need to go through ID certification and paper contracts.
Depending on the workload of our Compliance team, client accounts may not be all opened within 1 hour but in any case the opening will be much faster, generally done same day as the client application.
Dukascopy Bank feels comfortable to speak to and to identify clients via video because it does so via its own communicator  Dukascopy Connect . Since years, Dukascopy Bank develops and optimizes its communication tool supporting chat and video, in a free, secure and confidential environment.
Outsourcing always brings concerns about confidentiality. At Dukascopy Bank, we prefer that sensitive data remains on our servers in Switzerland. Moreover, we like to fully control technologies founding our competitive advantage.
 Dukascopy Connect  is also used by our subsidiary  Dukascopy Payments  to deliver instant and inexpensive payment services via smartphones, a new service to the attention of our international clientele.
Andrey Duka, co-CEO-CTO and founding shareholder of Dukascopy Bank comments as follows:
 Dukascopy Bank puts its video-identification technology at the disposal of all Swiss and foreign banks,completely for free.
We are very much grateful to the Swiss Bankers Association and to its members, in particular to Swissquote Bank, for their active support to our initiative started in December 2014 for obtaining a modernization of Swiss regulation regarding client on-boarding in Switzerland.
We also express our gratitude to the Press, in particular l'Agefi, Bilan, Finews.ch, Finanz und Wirtschaft for relaying our message.
Switzerland was suffering a serious competitive disadvantage in client on-boarding. FINMA has rapidly and wisely reacted by issuing a new regulation allowing Swiss financial institutions to increase swiftness and competitiveness, a smart move for the Swiss financial industry.
We congratulate all bankers for such a powerful regulation improvement.

Maximum exposure on CFDs and precious metals revised

Maximum net exposure limits for CFDs and precious metals are being adjusted. Please click here to see full details. At the same time default leverage for BRENT.CMD/IDX and LIGHT.CMD/IDX will be raised from 1:30 to 1:100. These changes will take effect as of 09-Sep-2016 at 14:00 GMT.

Improvements to Dukascopy Group risk management is ongoing. As with changes implemented during the EUR/CHF floor cancellation, Brexit or the Turkey coup attempt, the measures are taken to guarantee the stability of the group and protect its clients. In light of the current market volatility, risks of geopolitical catastrophes and aggressive central bank decisions, steps taken by Dukascopy Group will enhance brokerage business while significantly improve trading conditions for small and medium size traders.

05 September 2016

Dukascopy Bank published strong half-year financial results 2016

Dukascopy Bank has reached a new record in total income at CHF 17.2 million, 1.6% above the first semester 2015 which already was a record semester.

Due to higher operating expenses (+15.2%) reflecting IT developments and new marketing initiatives, the half year net profit is 25.8% below the same period 2015 but still is very satisfactory at CHF 2.5 million.

At Group level, consolidated total income is 2.4% above the first semester 2015 at CHF 18.1 million. However, the initial losses of our new subsidiary Dukascopy Japan, which is in launching phase, negatively affected the half-year consolidated net profit which amounts to CHF 1.9 million. Dukascopy Japan is showing promising growth and is expected to break-even in 2017.

Those figures reflect a very solid performance and continued stability in Dukascopy Bank and Dukascop Group financial situation.

We thank our clients, employees and counterparties for their trust and loyalty.
Complete individual and consolidated balance sheets and statements of income are available here.  

2 September 2016

US Labor Day holiday on Monday, September 5th

Beware of reduced liquidity on Monday, 5. September.
Trading hours:
• Regular trading hours on Monday 5. September
Gold and Silver
• Trading stops at 17:00 GMT on Monday 5. September
• Market opens at 22:00 GMT on Monday 5. September
• Trading stops at 16:30 GMT on Monday 5. September for the following instruments: LIGHT.CMD/USD, JPN.IDX/JPY, USA30.IDX/USD, USATECH.IDX/USD, USA500.IDX/USD.

Markets open at 22:00 GMT on Monday 5. September 

17 Sierpnia 2016

Cредний спред в очередной раз побил рекорд на паре EUR/USD: 0.16 пункта!

Cегодня, в рамках Европейской сессии, средний спред Dukascopy для пары EUR/USD достиг наименьшего уровня в своей истории - 0,16 пункта. Это результат непрестанного стремления Dukascopy предоставить своим клиентам наиболее выгодные условия.

Взгляните на историю средних спредов Dukascopy для пары EUR/USD в рамках Европейской торговой сессии:

Октябрь 2012 - 0.57 пункта
Январь 2013 - 0.51 пункта
Февраль 2013 - 0.46 пункта
Март 2013 - 0.36 пункта
Июнь 2013 - 0.26 пункта
Январь 2014 - 0.20 пункта
Февраль 2014 - 0.19 пункта
Август 2016 - 0.16 пункта

Cегодня, условия для трейдеров Dukascopy для пары EUR/USD являются одними из самых выгодных в индустрии Forex: в 46.1 % котировочных цен в рамках Европейской сессии спред составил 0,1 пункта, в 44.7% спред составил 0,2 пункта.

Мы выражаем благодарность всем нашим партнерам, клиентам и сотрудникам, с чьей помощью мы смогли создать лучшие условия в FX индустрии

03 August 2016

New currency pairs launched for trading on LIVE

Dukascopy is glad to announce the launch of Turkish Lira to Japanese Yen (TRY/JPY) and South African Rand to Japanese Yen (ZAR/JPY) for regular LIVE self trading accounts.

Maximum leverage on TRY/JPY and ZAR/JPY is set to 1:10.

More detailed information about trading conditions is provided in the corresponding sections of the website.

21 July 2016

New currency pairs launched for trading on DEMO

Dukascopy is glad to expand the range of FX instruments list. Turkish Lira to Japanese Yen (TRY/JPY) and South African Rand to Japanese Yen (ZAR/JPY) have been added on DEMO environment, responding to numerous requests from Japanese traders. These instruments will also be available on Live environment soon.

The new currency pairs are available only for Self traders’ accounts. More detailed information about maximum leverage, SWAP rates and trading breaks is provided in the corresponding section of our website.

21 July 2016

Reduction of maximum leverage on TRY instruments

Due a possible risk of significant price gaps and low liquidity on TRY instruments, which may cause negative equity on client accounts, Dukascopy Bank and Dukascopy Europe are implementing a maximum leverage of 1:10 for EUR/TRY and USD/TRY exposures as of 27 July 2016 at 10:00 GMT.

Traders are invited to estimate their margin usage at the moment when the leverage reduction will be applied and adjust their exposure if needed.

For all accounts where there is no exposure in EUR/TRY and USD/TRY the lower maximum leverage will be applied today, 21 July 2016. 

15 July 2016

Changes in trading conditions for Pair Binary Options.

Please note that trading conditions for Pair Binaries have been changed. Binary option outcome is now defined by comparing the close price of the previous trading session and close price of the current trading session. Previously open price versus close price of the same trading session were compared.

Please see the link for more detailed information on trading conditions.

13 July 2016

MTBank - Dukascopy Bank partnership

Dukasop Bank is pleased to announce the launch of a new white-label partnership with one of the leading banks in the Republic of Belarus – CJSC "MTBank". A press conference on the official launch of the new service under the brand MTBankFX was held in Minsk yesterday, July 12, 2016.

Since 2015 the forex trading activity in Belarus has received an official legal basis and is now regulated by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. Dukascopy Bank's trading technology became the first forex platform which successfully passed the inspection by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus and the National Forex Center. It is in compliance with all necessary requirements for the implementation of activities in the OTC forex market of Belarus.

Thanks to this new white-label partnership, the clients of MTBank will be able to use trading platforms of Dukasopy Bank, liquidity and order execution of the SWFX system of Dukascopy Bank, under Belarusian jurisdiction.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of MTBank, Igor Bychek commented on the bank's decision to step in this activity:
"The situation has changed due to a change in legislation. Over the years we observed the market: we communicated with customers, experts and received a response from the market - in Belarus there are people who want to get and use Forex to invest in this risky market."
Laurent Bellieres, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Risk Officer of Dukascopy Bank : "Dukascopy Bank is very honored of providing its online and mobile trading solutions to MTBank, one of the main and most popular banks in Belarus. Dukascopy's trading system was the first to be accepted by the Central Bank and Belarusian Currency & Stock Exchange, to which the Central Bank delegated the software certification process".

CJSC "MTBank" was founded in 1994 and in recent years is one of the rapidly developing banks in the Republic of Belarus. MTBank is known for its innovative products brought to the market. Currently MTBank offers a wide range of universal retail banking products out of 127 offices across Belarus.

06 July 2016

Changes in trading conditions for Binary Options.

Please note that maximum exposure and contract amounts have been adjusted for Binary options trading accounts. The Payouts have also been changed for Daily Stock options and Pair Binaries.

Please see the link for updated trading conditions. 

06 July 2016

Changes to CFD maximum exposure

Maximum exposure limits on GBP and EUR based indices are to be increased after 15:00 GMT on 06 July 2016 as follows:

  • GBP/IDX - 30 contracts
  • DEU.IDX/EUR -50 contracts
  • ESP.IDX/EUR -50 contracts
  • EUS.IDX/EUR - 150 contracts
  • FRA.IDX/EUR – 100 contracts.

These limitations will remain in force until further notice. 

30 June 2016

Holidays on 1 July in China and on 4 July in the US

Markets in China observe a holiday on Friday July 1 and the US celebrates Independence day on Monday, July 4. Beware of reduced liquidity on the two days concerned.

Trading hours:

  • Friday, July 1 - Regular trading hours
  • Monday, July 4 - Regular trading hours

Gold and Silver

  • Friday, July 1 - Regular trading hours
  • Monday, July 4 - Trading stops at 17:00 GMT


  • Following instruments will be closed on Friday, July 1:
  • Following instruments will be closed at 16:45 GMT on Monday, July 4:
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