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SWFX Swiss Forex Marketplace Technology

Among marketplaces with a centralized structure, Dukascopy Europe (EU subsidiary of Dukascopy Bank, Switzerland) gives access to the Swiss Forex Marketplace by combining liquidity of clients, other marketplaces and a number of banks.

The general scheme above shows the main participants of the business model. The left side includes centralized and decentralized liquidity providers. Combining their bid/offer orders in the resulting data feed, the central element is in fact the liquidity pool itself, being at the same time a centralized marketplace for its clients: liquidity consumers and centralized liquidity providers. Liquidity consumers are able to place bid/offer orders. 

Clients' Trading Accounts with Dukascopy Europe can be funded via money transfer, bank guarantee or credit/debit cards funding. 

To cite a couple of clear examples of practical achievements from this technology, it can be mentioned that every client is able to trade 100 million GBP/USD and 200 million EUR/USD in One Click with effective spreads of 4-5 pips. When trading smaller amounts, one can obtain spreads as low as to 0.5-1 pips for majors.

To gain access to SWFX (to open an account) please apply to Dukascopy Europe.

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