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SWFX Swiss FX Marketplace Solution

SWFX - Swiss FX Marketplace is a technological solution for trading, using a centralized-decentralized ECN - Marketplace model. The SWFX is specialized in institutional liquidity and instant execution. Among the ten FX marketplaces in the world, Dukascopy Europe has a unique position by combining liquidity of the biggest marketplaces and Banks.

By trading in the Swiss Forex Marketplace, the only one in Switzerland, our clients benefit from the Swiss tradition of security and confidentiality and the country's stringent regulatory environment. In this market, the participants act on an equal and transparent basis. Being an ECN - Dukascopy Europe proposes to every client to act as a liquidity consumer and/or liquidity provider.

SWFX Concept

Dukascopy Europe trading platform provides an array of tools for risk management and control over the order execution. Clients may trade billions of dollars in a secure (one-click) trading environment. Support is also available via a 24/6 trading desk if a client needs to trade over the phone.

Providing such an ECN -  Marketplace technology, Dukascopy Europe has a unique opportunity to instantly hedge client's trades with Forex participants in the network. It creates for the clients possibility to trade high volume in instant automated mode. 

To cite a few examples of practical achievements from this technology, Dukascopy Europe would like to mention that every client is able to trade 100 million GBP/USD and 200 million EUR/USD in One Click with effective spreads of 4-5 pips. When trading smaller amounts, one can obtain spreads as low as to 0-1 pips for majors.