Open Live account

In order to start trading financial instruments on-line with Dukascopy Europe, you have to follow an easy step-by-step procedure:

Register now (learn more)

Fill in electronic registration form. Please keep in mind that well filled registration form, with transparent origin of investment, will significantly increase the speed for opening of your trading account! Don't worry about the information provided, as it is fully covered by strict confidentiality rules and will not be disclosed to third persons.

Please be aware that Dukascopy Europe does not provide services to some countries. You can check the list of non-serviced countries here


Caution: If you already have Live account with Dukascopy and you would like to start using new instruments, e.g. CFDs filling the registration form again is not necessary. Please contact your Account Manager at Dukascopy instead.

Upload documents here (learn more)

Scan or photograph your Identification document and Proof of Address, and upload them using the link above. Please ensure high quality of your scans or photos so that the images and text are clearly legible. We recommend a scanner resolution of 300 dpi and a file size of approx. 1 Mb per document. Please make sure that the scans or photos are not cropped or otherwise modified.


Fund your account (learn more)

Upon acceptance of your documents, you will be provided with Distance Agreement. After signing it online, you will receive your account number and Dukascopy Europe transfer instructions. Make your initial payment by card or via wire transfer to start trading. The minimum amount of the initial deposit is USD 100 or its equivalent in other currencies. When making your payment, please indicate your Dukascopy Europe account number.

Please be informed, that accounts opened with scanned documents have net deposit limit of 15'000 EUR. In order to increase that limit, please contact your Account Manager.

Your login and password will be sent by email after receipt of your funds.

More information about the steps to open live trading account can be found on this page.

Note: Please name your Business Introducer (if any) when applying for your live account by filling in the electronic registration form. It will not be possible to add a Business Introducer after the approval of your account opening request by Dukascopy Europe.

If you wish to contact us regarding account opening, please use the following contact details: [email protected], call us: +371 67 399 000 or alternatively ask for a call-back.