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t8_H1_tick_2014 12.01.2014
Not running
Strategy based on the Ichimoku indicator based as trend indicators. Unfortunately, this is not visualjforex startegy, because this indicator is currently missing from the system..... It is well known that the Ichimoku indicator is made up of five elements: Tenkan-sen (red - round line) the highest peak + lowest female / 2 of the last 9 periods. Kijun-sen (blue - general line) the highest peak + lowest female / 2 inch in the last 26 periods. Chikou span (black - lagging line) on the closing price shifted the past 26 periods. Senkou span A (green, lined cloud - a first conductive line) + sen Tenka gets out sen / 2 shifted 26 periods into the future. Senkou span B (red, lined cloud - a second conductive line) is the highest peak + lowest female / 2 in the last 52 periods, offset in future periods 26. Senkou A and B constitute the cloud (Kumo). The dominant trend signals. Bull sigalns: 1 The current candle is above the cloud. 2 The candles in advance of the projected Senkou A is above the Senkou B (green cloud). 3 Tenkan is above the Kijun. 4 The same time remaining candles Chinkou projected just above the current candle then (vertically). Bearish signals: 1 The current candle is under the cloud. 2 The candle is in the projected Senkou (red cloud) during the Senkou B. 3 Tenkan is under the Kijun. 4 Where the candle back in time while it is projected Chinkou under the current candle (vertically). These are the basic elements, but what I am making my strategy is based only on the Tenkan-sen and Kijun-sen lines cross, and gets out, namely a 30-minute chart there. That is, if the Tenkan-sen crosses from below upwards released into the Kijun-sen, then the long direction, if the top down, then the short direction with SL63, TP18.
m101cl 12.09.2013
Not running
t8_H1_tick 08.08.2013
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tabanyi avatar tabanyi 2 Aug
köszi :) azt hiszem sikerült egy egész jó stratégiát kidolgoznom erre a hónapra, lassan termel, de biztosan
tabanyi avatar tabanyi 2 Aug
backtest eredmények:
tabanyi avatar tabanyi 29 Aug
nagyon szép teljesítmény, gratulálok!
marss avatar marss 2 Sep
Köszönöm & best luck for you the contest in sept!
rexxx81 avatar rexxx81 9 Sep
Good luck for that week my friend...

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