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18 Sep 2013
Dukascopy Bank expands its White Label Partners with Hungaria Ertekpapir
Dukascopy Bank expands further into its core European market by establishing a partnership with Hungarian-based brokerage Hungaria Ertekpapir Zrt., based in Budapest. Hungaria Ertekpapir has been established since the early 1990's and remains one of the leading brokers in Hungary. Mr. Alain Broyon, Dukascopy Bank's CEO comments on this new European partnership: "We are excited to expand our footprint into this region with such a reputable broker. Hungaria Ertekpapir will now offer Dukascopy's cutting-edge trading technology, deep liquidity and unique execution". Mr. Artur Filipowicz, Head of Institutional Sales for Europe & Asia notes that: "This collaboration will enable Hungaria Ertekpapir to offer to their professional clients Dukascopy Bank's ultra-competitive spreads of 0.24 pips on EUR/USD and world-class quality of execution.
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6 Sep 2013
Dukascopy TV – now also available in German!

As announced earlier, Dukascopy TV (Swiss Financial Television) aims to provide its products in seven languages. Next target of adding German language TV is achieved.

Now Dukascopy TV products are available already in six languages - English, Russian, Chinese, French, Spanish and German. The next goal is to introduce Arabic version of Dukascopy TV.

Stay tuned to Dukascopy TV!

30 Aug 2013
September 2nd – US Labor Day Holiday
Gold and Silver (XAU/USD and XAG/USD) trading will stop at 17:00 GMT on Monday, September 2nd 2013 due to US market being closed. Metals trading will resume normally at the start of Asia session at 22:00 GMT.
Note the liquidity may be lower than usual for all instruments during the US trading hours on September 2nd.
31 July 2013
Securities Dealer License
We are pleased to announce, that Dukascopy Bank SA has received a Securities Dealer License, issued by FINMA, and therefore will extend the scope of financial instruments offered on its trading platforms.

This is a new spin in Dukascopy services development.

Trading of CFD instruments (Contract for Difference) on a wide range (about 200) of underlying assets, like major indices, stocks and commodities will be launched this year. The Demo CFD platform will be available shortly.
29 July 2013
Improvements to deposit/withdrawal processes
We are pleased to announce that it's been already two weeks that Dukascopy is running updated online funds deposit and withdrawal procedures. Credit card deposits can now be made online, directly from the trading platform ("Portfolio" menu -> "My Account" section) and from the trader's area, which allows speeding up the processing flow up to an instant funding. Trader's area now also offers access to the online withdrawal form, which ensures a faster processing of the request.
23 July 2013
The Wintrip Forex Knowledge Game launched in China

We are pleased to announce the launch of Wintrip Forex Knowledge game (wintrip.com.cn). The winner of the game will be awarded 2 Pearl Business Class tickets, courtesy of Etihad Airways. In addition, the prize will include 5 nights at the Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva. This game is organized jointly by Dukascopy Bank, Forex.com.cn, Etihad Airways and Intercontinental Hotel. The final drawing will take place on October 10th in Geneva.

03 July 2013
4th of July – US National Holiday
Gold and Silver (XAU/USD and XAG/USD) trading will stop at 17:00 GMT on Thursday 4 July 2013 for US market closure. Metals trading will resume normally in Asia at 22:00 GMT.

Beware of lower liquidity in all open instruments during the US trading hours on 4th of July.
21 June 2013
Venha ao nosso encontro com Dukascopy na Madrid no dia 26 e 27 de junho

Temos o prazer em informar que Dukascopy Europe (subsidiária da Dukascopy Bank sediada na UE) participará na "Forex Trading Room" em Madrid nos dias 26 e 27 de junho.

A apresentação da plataforma JForex está agendada para dia 27 de junho às 12:15 (hora de Madrid). Para participar, por favor registe-se através do seguinte link.

Convidamos, igualmente, V. Exa. a visitar-nos no nosso Stand durante os dias de exibição e conhecer assim os representantes pessoalmente.

19 June 2013
Dukascopy TV – now also available in French!
As already announced, Dukascopy TV (Swiss Financial Television) is aiming to provide its products in seven languages. French language TV was launched today.

Now Dukascopy TV products are already supported in five languages - English, Russian, Chinese, French, and Spanish. The next goal is to introduce German and Arabic versions of Dukascopy TV.

Stay tuned to Dukascopy TV!
19 June 2013
New spread record!
We are pleased to report the continuing reduction of spreads on the SWFX Marketplace. Today Dukascopy ECN has recorded a new lowest average spread during European session – 0.26 pips on EURUSD.
Please see the recent evolution of Dukascopy average EUR/USD spreads during the European trading session:
• October 2012 - 0.57 pips
• January 2013 - 0.51 pips
• February 2013 - 0.46 pips
• March 2013 - 0.36 pips
• June 2013 - 0.26 pips

Dukascopy is planing to continue its efforts to keep the EURUSD spread within 0.2-0.3 pips.

27 May 2013
Miss Dukascopy - Lady Bloggers Contest!

We are looking for you, Miss Dukascopy 2013!

Come and take your prizes - unprecedented shopping for the total amount of 250,000 US Dollars! Top 35 participants will be awarded with money prizes!

Co-sponsors: Gucci ● Versace ● Apostrophe ● Tara Jarmon ● Sergio Rossi ● Natkina ● Le Gotha ● Elke Berr ● Bongenie ● Daniel Benjamin ● Four Seasons ● Let's Travel ● Le Chat Botte ● Patara ● Arthur's Group ● Charriol

Find out more by visiting the following link: miss.dukascopy.com

24 May 2013
Dukascopy TV is pleased to announce a collaborative project with Forex Magnates and iFXEXPO.
During the iFXEXPO International Cyprus held on 29-30 May 2013, Dukascopy TV and Forex Magnates will be speaking to major players in the FX industry to share their brand values, corporate outlook and client benefits.
Placing the power back in your hands, these interviews will form a brokerage directory allowing clients to evaluate and compare which organization meets their priorities.
For more information on this project see here: http://www.dukascopy.com/swiss/english/tv/interview/

Are you a Broker wishing to take part in this innovative and interactive opportunity, and share your industry views on a platform accessible to thousands of finance professionals, traders and investors across the world? Please contact ifxexpo@dukascopy.com for further information. 

13 May 2013
Dukascopy Forex Community announces the launch of its Poker Contests!

Three things unite FX Traders and poker players: adrenaline, confidence and excitement. Don't agree? See for yourself - participate in the Dukascopy Poker Tournaments!

Feel the thrill and excitement in free poker games and win real money prizes.
Play Poker - Trade Forex!

Please click here for additional information.

10 May 2013
Dukascopy Comunidade - um prêmio total anual superior a 1.000.000 USD!!!
A Dukascopy Bank tem o orgulho de anunciar o lançamento de uma rede de entretenimento educacional de concursos para a Dukascopy Comunidade. O prêmio anual total para todos os concursos ultrapassa um milhão de dólares.
Negocie, crie estratégias, comunique e receba fundos na sua conta de negociação.
Não perca esta oportunidade - é certo que vai ser interessante!
Por favor clique aqui para obter mais informações.
8 May 2013
Dukascopy TV – now in English, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish

Dukascopy Bank is announcing that Dukascopy TV (Swiss Financial Television) will be available in seven languages. At this stage, the TV is supported in English, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese. In the near future German, French, and Arabic versions of Dukascopy TV will be publicly introduced. With these changes Dukascopy is aiming to appeal to a significantly broader audience.

Dukascopy TV started out as English language financial television four-and-a-half years ago. The main format is economic news, analysis, and interviews on topics of global significance as well as a more focused look at the Forex market. TV project has reached the point where Dukascopy produces on average 15 programmes per day.

Currently, Dukascopy TV is broadcasting from Geneva, London, Riga, and Kiev, and is expanding its correspondent network to Moscow, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Madrid, and United Arab Emirates.

Stay tuned with Dukascopy TV!

1 May 2013
'Official release of Visual JForex' – a new unique visually intuitive programming tool.

Dukascopy is proud to announce the official release of a new visual programming tool – Visual JForex. Visual JForex has effective and intuitive interface, which lets you use the drag-and-drop functionality to build JForex strategies. This platform allows building automated strategies in 30 minutes with no coding or programming knowledge. Since the release of the beta version two weeks ago, we have received much feedback from excited customers. It is planned that JForex visual will remain in beta version until the 1st of June. Please click here for additional information.

30 April 2013
Dukascopy Bank is recognised as 'The Biggest Forex Retail Broker in 2013'.

During the MENA Forex Show in Dubai, Dukascopy Bank was named "The Biggest Forex Retail Broker 2013." Dukascopy Bank is proud to have received this award. Alain Broyon, CEO of Dukascopy Bank, mentions: "The JForex Platform has become more and more popular and represents a leading platform among the industry. We are really proud of this success and we would like to thank all of our clients and business partners for their contribution.

25 April 2013
Dukascopy Bank expands its white label technology

Dukascopy Bank is pleased to announce the launch of the Jforex Sub-White Label Solution allowing Dukascopy Bank's White Label Partners to provide the Jforex white label solution to their own network of brokers and banks, with same liquidity and data feed as Dukascopy Bank.

Luis Sanchez, Head of Institutional Sales Europe & America mentions: "This technological step will allow all our partners to leverage their JForex offering. It follows multiple demands from our partners. This is an excellent win-win business opportunity.

This development represents another powerful step of Dukascopy Bank upon strong demands to support expansion of the JForex platform technology around the world".

8 April 2013
Dukascopy Bank announces partnership with AFT FX Japan. The popularity of JForex Platform is increasing.

Dukascopy Bank is delighted to announce a partnership with Japanese broker AFT FX. AFT FX is a leading broker based in Tokyo serving professional and private clients. The Japanese brokerage will offer Dukascopy Bank's state-of-the-art trading technology, with same execution standard and same liquidity. The datafeed may include the volume commission.

Commenting on the partnership, Alain Broyon, CEO of Dukascopy Bank said: "We are pleased to form this partnership with a leading Japanese broker offering our trading technology JForex to Japanese domiciled clients. The highly competitive Japanese market represents an opportunity for our bank to provide advanced technology solution with high execution standard."

AFT FX's Chief Executive Officer Mr. Meigetsu Miyashiro mentioned "I am confident that our partnership with Dukascopy Bank, which operates the highly-liquid SWFX ECN (electronic communications network), is a good opportunity for us to expand our FX business further. By introducing the firm's well-regarded and technologically-advanced trading solution, we will be able to offer our clients a high-quality, professional-level service combining price transparency and liquidity. Further, by connecting our own innovative trading tools to the advanced API provided by Dukascopy Bank, we will go on to deliver new ways to trade FX. On top of that, we look forward to our new partner's automated trading and support systems to provide more trading opportunities to our clients."

29 March 2013
Spread reduction

Dukascopy Bank is pleased to announce the continuing reduction of spreads on our SWFX Marketplace trading platform. Our previous goal to reach a daily average spread of 0.4 pips for the EUR/USD is already achieved. At the same time we have managed to significantly decrease spreads for GBPUSD and USDJPY as well.
Tight spreads and huge liquidity are the result of consolidated efforts of more than 25 leading banks - our liquidity providers.

Please see the average spreads during the European trading session yesterday, 28.03.2013:
• EURUSD - 0.36 pips
• GBPUSD - 0.77 pips
• USDJPY - 0.58 pips

It is our pleasure to remind you of the Dukascopy philosophy of data feed transparency - we have the same data feed for every trader and every tick is publicly available on a free of charge basis for everyone. This transparency helps us be a true pricing benchmark for the FX industry.

You may find any historical tick data on www.dukascopy.com. Our bank is ready to validate and prove every tick.

The same liquidity and data feed are by default available for all Dukascopy White Label partners and of course for European subsidiary - Dukascopy Europe IBS SA.

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